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Addicted to the drama drugs

pandamiranda · 27/12/2020 11:58

Hi I am a recovering addict.
My life was a series of road crashes.
Fighting arguments fear blaming low self esteem in short a loads of drama!
I was very unhappy my partner was unsupportive my world felt unsafe.
Then I decided that it had to stop so instead of doing what I had done many times before I looked into my self to see what was going on and what I found shocked me !
I was addicted to the chemicals that my brain made every time I was stressed.
So how did I fix it?
I decided that instead of complaining about my partner or kids I would stop all criticism and complaing about them eather in my head or out loud to anyone and would find any thing I could appreciate them for, and tell them
It felt fake and silly but there were less fights and within a couple of days I was feeling better and the more I did the what I I now call patting (like what you say to a dog) I don't know what I would do with out you, you are so smart, kind, good ect
The people began to behave better too.
After a few weeks life is magic and I never want to go back to the drama!
Have you ever had this experience?

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