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Pixie comes home

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Issymum · 01/10/2003 16:49

We formally adopted Pixie in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on Thursday 18th and Pixie and I cruised into London Heathrow early on Friday 26th September.

Pixie has just turned one, but despite being in an orphanage just about since birth, she has adjusted to her new life with extraordinary ease. DD1 (2.5 years old) is now getting to grips with being a big sister and DH and I are grappling with being the parents of two gorgeous toddlers.

DH and I are totally besotted with Pixie and the sadness that we missed her first year is more than outweighed by the joy of bringing her home.

Just in case you think I'm a cruel and thoughtless mother, 'Pixie' is DD2's orphanage nickname and we have given her a formal name which will be easier to live with when she's a truculent teenager!

OP posts:
forestfly · 01/10/2003 16:51

Thats a lovely story and pixie is a beautifull name. Congratulations on your new family

pie · 01/10/2003 16:51

Pixie is cute though!!! I bet she's beautiful!


ThomCat · 01/10/2003 16:53

How lovley Congratulations.
Welcome to the UK little Pixie.
I think it's a fab name btw.

Twinkie · 01/10/2003 16:53

Message withdrawn

Twinkie · 01/10/2003 16:54

Message withdrawn

pupuce · 01/10/2003 16:54

Issymum I was thinking of you jsut 30 minutes ago
Well done.... hope she settles well and you are all very happy as now 4!

lazyeye · 01/10/2003 16:57

Lovley story - all the very best

alibubbles · 01/10/2003 17:03

Congratulations, how lovely for you all. I love the name.

janh · 01/10/2003 17:29

Congratulations, Issymum!

Pixie is a really cute name (and even if you try to use the formal name I bet Pixie will slip out half the time - and when she is a truculent teen you can wind her up with it!)

Grommit · 01/10/2003 17:33

Issymum - congratulations and best wishes! Pixie - how cute!

lilibet · 01/10/2003 17:41

what a wonderful story, many congrats to Pixie on becoming a dd2! love to you all

fisil · 01/10/2003 17:54

What a great story - congratulations!

Dahlia · 01/10/2003 17:58

How totally wonderful! Congratulations to you all and welcome to Pixie.

CnR · 01/10/2003 18:03

Fantastic news. Congraulations on the new addition to your family!

aloha · 01/10/2003 18:20

Congratulations! What a beautiful story. I wish you all joy in your new, expanded family.

aloha · 01/10/2003 18:23

Congratulations! What a beautiful story. I wish you all joy in your new, expanded family.

Janstar · 01/10/2003 19:04

wonderful! I wish you every happiness with your new little love

motherinferior · 01/10/2003 19:21

How lovely for you. Congratulations.

bossykate · 01/10/2003 20:20


princesspeahead · 01/10/2003 20:28

hurrah to all four of you!

sobernow · 01/10/2003 20:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mammya · 01/10/2003 20:59

Congratulations, welcome to England little Pixie

suedonim · 01/10/2003 21:28

Oh, how lovely, Issymum! Congratulations to you all.

fio2 · 02/10/2003 08:23


LucieB · 02/10/2003 09:25

What a gorgeous story - sounds like you have the perfect family. Congratulations!

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