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Friends child hears voices

Ashes19 · 15/06/2022 02:56

Hello. My friend is step mommy to a 4 year old girl and has been raising her since before the age of 1 when her mommy passed away. There has been ongoing issues. My friend is a good mom and this child just seems to hate her. The child makes up stories which I have seen with my own eyes that are fibs. Today the child refused to talk to her stating she was told not to talk to her. When stepmommy asked who said that she said she will tell daddy later. The kid spent all day inside. I went over and acted as a friend and asked who told her that without stepmommy in the house. The 4yr old said it was a voice. I asked, where did you hear the voice? She said from the sky and pointed out the window. So I said ok, maybe tell daddy that when he gets home and thanked her for telling me. Now this could be a fib or possibly something in her head or dare I say mommy is angry that daddy moved on? I know that sounds crazy but I've seen crazy things. Child also is very watch me or she won't do anything if Noone is watching and has been like that for 2 years. Doesnt play like the other kids. Possible autism signs as well. Takes hours to eat, puts herself on timeouts even when she's not in trouble. Any thoughts

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