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Violent 5 year old.

Sunshineandrainbows93864 · 13/06/2022 18:54

I have three children, my oldest son who is five, and two girls aged 3 and 1.

My boy has always had a few behavioural issues but we've always worked on it. Recently, probably the last 2/3 months it's become terrible.
He has the most loving, sweet soft side to him which is 80% of the time. He's very grown up and mature for his age, in the way he speaks and his understanding. However he can't stay still, can't stop talking, constantly fidgeting, moving!

The other 20% of the time he is vile as bad as it may sound. He just switches and He is violent towards me and his dad and sisters, threats to kill us, push us down the stairs, that he hates us etc. We've tried every parenting technique, nothing helps to calm him down.

I thought he was doing well at school until today, where he "accidentally " cut a girls hair and kicked off at his teacher when he was asked about it. Attacked her, told her he was going to bring a knife into school, under his coat and kill her. He ended up getting pulled into a isolation type room with another teacher till he calmed down. The teacher said he has the most beautiful personality but it's like he flips a switch and he turns and it's not the first time he's done it.

I called the GP today and they said they're going to refer him to an age appropriate team, whatever that means.
I don't know where he's got it from, he doesn't have a tablet, access to the Internet, everything he watches on TV is monitored by us. Me and my husband don't argue, we don't watch adult TV when he's around, he doesn't play with violent toys etc. He has good routine and structure, we do our best. I have no idea where his behaviour has come from. I'm feeling like a terrible parent, like I'm failing him and his sister's.
Does anyone have any advice or experience with this type of behaviour?
Please don't be rude I'm just concerned

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