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Responding to name and babbling issues

adamll · 18/05/2022 19:03

Hi, our DD will be 8 months next week and she only responds to her name like 50% of the time when she looks at me and then do her business. Is this bad? How did your babies responded to their name was it always you called them? She does not really look at me when I tell her name and sit in front of her when feeding.

She is also not babbling only started doing some different voices last week. She used to say ma, da, gu ... before Christmas and then it stopped and she just made those happy and frustrated screens for a while (she still does it).

She is quite ahead in physical activity e.g. she walks around the furniture crawls and sit up unsupported. This all happened in 7month.

We are quite worried that she might be falling behind and reading about autism signs just makes us really worried.

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