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Head twitch movements

Becky6X · 30/06/2020 14:08

Hi, my baby is 8 and a half months.

I noticed a few days ago when he was laying on his changing mat, he was looking up and kept moving his head left to right. I didn't think much of it but now I've noticed he's done it a few times since aswell.

Since doing that, I've also noticed a handful of times where it's like he has a twitch? His head will do an involuntary movement ... so his ear to his shoulder two or three times.

I'm not sure whether this is something to be worried about but I can't help but find myself worrying about this. I've looked online and seen some people say this is normal and to do with the central nervous system not being fully developed to learning motor skills to it being seizures or signs of autism? My partner thinks I'm being silly but I am a worrier and want my boy to be ok.

Any advice is welcome thank you x

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