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20 Month Old Cried All The Time

Charl87 · 20/05/2020 08:18

I’ve never posted here before but feeling desperate.
My 20 month old little girl is on the edge all the time. She literally cries most of the time. It’s hard to know what it could be about. She eats well; so she’s not hungry. I need to be holding her or next to her and even then, I’m obviously not doing something quite right and she will cry. On a rare occasion I’ll be on the sofa and she will go and play with a toy nearby on her own for a couple of minutes.
She seems better when she’s just with Daddy but still cries a lot.
Pre lockdown she was at nursery 4 days a week and they always said she was fine there.
She has always been like this I thought it was because she was breastfed. I stopped at 15 months thinking this might help. It didn’t.
I feel like when she’s around me she is frantic and I just stress her out. It’s like she needs comfort but whatever I do isn’t enough and she gets more and more stressed and anxious

There are moments when she is happy but they are far outweighed by her crying and being stressed

I don’t know what to do. At the end of a day I can’t wait for her to go to bed so I can have a break from the crying
I have a 4 year old too.

She has trigger thumb (lockdown means all appointments for this are Canceled so no idea when this will be resolved) but aside from that she is healthy. I wonder
If this is causing her constant pain, but looking online that’s unlikely.

Sorry to rant if anyone has any similar experiences I’d love to hear xx

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