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Can I call my baby this....?

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puzzledmonkey · 22/02/2008 11:46

DH and I cannot think of any names that we both like except this one, which we both absolutely LOVE.

The name is Evie - but our surname is Stevens. We would use full name Evelyn Rose Stevens, but most of the time WE would call her Evie.

My worry is that when I have mentioned it people have said, ooh Evie Stevie, or Even Stevens, which I have not even heard of (im 25, i dont know if it is a few years before my time or if im just stupid??!) so I starting to feel already that I would be making excuses and reasons for her name everytime i tell someone what she is called?

On the other hand, when she goes to school in 5 years time, are kids her age going to have heard of even stevens? and if it is a problem she would be known as Evelyn anyway.

Am i being cruel thinking of calling her this, or am I being stupid and just call her what we like?

Please Help!!!

OP posts:
PaulaYatesBiggestFan · 24/02/2008 21:15

i say this all the time on here but in my 16 years as a parent i have yet to know a child mocked for its name...

nowadays if you did mock a child for squint/sticky out ears you would most likely be the one to be ostracised

Evie Stevens is lovely and until you said- i could not see what the issue was!

SoupDragon · 24/02/2008 21:16

I love both Evie & Evelyn but I was teased mercilessly all through school for having a rhyming name.

MinkVelvet · 24/02/2008 21:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tutter · 24/02/2008 21:18

i'm sorry but evie stevens is not a good combination

SoupDragon · 24/02/2008 21:20

"popele do the mocking in secret of course"

Not in my experience.

IamTheSpeedingHam · 24/02/2008 21:21

yeah kids will pick on things

don't had it to 'em on a plate

its a lovely name

but you can't use it if your sane

MinkVelvet · 24/02/2008 21:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

berolina · 24/02/2008 21:26

I'm with Tutter and Soupy.

We would have quite liked to call ds2 Emmanuel, but with ds1 a Samuel, how cruel would that have been? As it is, I much prefer the name he has now anyway.

I don't actually think Evelyn is a lot better than Evie with your surname. You could call her Rose Evelyn - but then you have the problem of the 's' sounds at the end of Rose and the beginning of Stevens clashing. How about something like Rosamond?

PaulaYatesBiggestFan · 24/02/2008 21:28

think of all the celebs with wierd names

Forest harrison has a facial 'disability' ( unsymetrical eyes' and he has called his kids wierd and wonderful names ..

I have called some of my kids the oddest of names

I changed my daughters name when she was two

i changed my childrens surnames when they ranged from 14-1

people told me 'done do it' 'asking for trouble' etc no one flinched

I would stick with her name - far rather 'remarkable' than 'unremarkarable' in my book

PaulaYatesBiggestFan · 24/02/2008 21:30

is his name harrison or have i just imagined that?

Tutter · 24/02/2008 21:31

i think yoiu mean forest whittaker?

PaulaYatesBiggestFan · 24/02/2008 21:34

also call me odd but i could not give a fig about staffroom mutterings
When ds1 started school he had a double barrelled surname

My mate was the deputy head at the school and He told me - ' ahhh we will have a field day going through the list trying to work out who is 'proper posh' and who unmarried'

of course i laughed

why change your name over a few gassing ladies?

Stick with it!

PaulaYatesBiggestFan · 24/02/2008 21:34

ooh yes Tutter!! thankyou

SoupDragon · 24/02/2008 21:40

The children certainly don't do it in private, Mink Actually, nor do adults either when you are at work... [sigh]

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