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Baby names

Can I call my baby this....?

39 replies

puzzledmonkey · 22/02/2008 11:46

DH and I cannot think of any names that we both like except this one, which we both absolutely LOVE.

The name is Evie - but our surname is Stevens. We would use full name Evelyn Rose Stevens, but most of the time WE would call her Evie.

My worry is that when I have mentioned it people have said, ooh Evie Stevie, or Even Stevens, which I have not even heard of (im 25, i dont know if it is a few years before my time or if im just stupid??!) so I starting to feel already that I would be making excuses and reasons for her name everytime i tell someone what she is called?

On the other hand, when she goes to school in 5 years time, are kids her age going to have heard of even stevens? and if it is a problem she would be known as Evelyn anyway.

Am i being cruel thinking of calling her this, or am I being stupid and just call her what we like?

Please Help!!!

OP posts:

foxythesnowman · 22/02/2008 11:51

You can call your baby whatever you like.

Some silly arse somewhere will make a wise crack whatever name you give.

School age children will change names regardless. Especially boys do it to other boys names. Its a kind of familiarity I think.

Evie Rose is a fabulous, wonderful, perfectly gorgeous name.

I have one BTW. Your LO would be in very good company.


nailpolish · 22/02/2008 11:53

i think if you ahve doubts dont go with it


fryalot · 22/02/2008 11:53

I think it's a lovely name.

ds has a name that kind of rhymes and we thought long and hard about it but we decided in the end that it is nice that we have (hopefully) chosen his school nickname as well.

If there is a nice easy nickname for them to choose they will probably go with that instead of opting for a slightly more complicated "smelly knickers" or whatever.

You're not being cruel.


rantinghousewife · 22/02/2008 11:54

Agree with Foxy, whatever you call them, someone will find something to take the piss out of. Even stevens is a saying though.
Think yourself lucky, my maiden name rhymes with pissed off, you can imagine how much fun that was


WallOfSilence · 22/02/2008 11:55

It's a lovely name

My ds is called Noah & everyone says "Ohh Noah's ark" In just think they have no imagination!


puzzledmonkey · 22/02/2008 12:01

thank you i feel much better and more positive about the name having read the replies, i agree if im having doubts it may be a sign not to go with the name, but the trouble is we really really cannot think of another name we both like. dd's name was chosen by week 13 of pregnancy, im 32 weeks now this time!

good choice foxy

thanks ladies xx

OP posts:

Breizhette · 22/02/2008 13:46

Sounds very pretty.


coastalmum · 22/02/2008 13:54

beautiful name


princessosyth · 22/02/2008 14:19

Lovely name and as others have said people will always find a way of poking fun at a name whatever it is and even stevens is not that bad anyhow, better than Jenna Taylor (who I used to work with!).


frumpygrumpy · 22/02/2008 14:26

You don't have another name, you like this one! So do we Go for it.

(Evens Stevens is an american thing isn't it? I hadn't heard of it until very lately. I've only ever heard of the phrase "its even stevens" e.g. if you can't declare a winner because you both finish the race at the same time its "even stevens")


Nancy66 · 22/02/2008 16:11

it's a lovely name and I agree with what some of the others say - people will always link a name to something.

I really like Felix - but so many people say 'felix the cat' - so bloody what? Minnie is a mouse, Donald is a duck, Dora is an explorer...! If you like the name - use it.


Flibbertyjibbet · 22/02/2008 16:19

Its a gorgeous name! My grandmother and also my little sisters middle names.

My dp's surname is a colour. Now that really put us off some girls names - Rose + his name sounded like a can of paint!

Go with Evelyn - whatever you call a child the kids at school will come up with something! My niece is called Smelly Ellie and I have a perfectly plain name but it was shortened to something that rhymed with Farty and I was known at school as Farty **rty and there was nothing my parents could have done about it!


WestCountryLass · 22/02/2008 16:19

At least it will give people something obvious to mock!

My DS is Jacob and my Grandad calls him crackers all the time. DS2 is Leo, everyone makes roaring lion noises at him and he is the most unlion like Leo, more of a pussycat.

Evie Stevens is cute!!!!


yorkshirepudding · 22/02/2008 16:21

Message withdrawn


littlerach · 22/02/2008 16:23

I have an Evie, ansd it doesn't go that well with our surname, but it's fine.


Flibbertyjibbet · 22/02/2008 17:54

Don't worry about Stevens, she might marry someone called Evans, Everett, Everson etc etc ( I am so sad just got phone book out to see if there was anything else...)


phlossie · 23/02/2008 13:41

Just to be devil's advocate - would you choose to have a child with sticking out ears and a squint? Yes, children will find something to mock, but why give them obvious amunition? I say find something else...

(no offence to people with sticking out ears - and I had a squint!!)


BoysOnToast · 23/02/2008 13:43

what a lovely name.
if i ever have a girl thats on my list.


phlossie · 23/02/2008 13:44

Actually, scrub that - I just said the name out loud to my dh and he didn't even spot it! Evelyn is a beautiful name.


Moomin · 23/02/2008 13:49

Spooky - we have same surname and dd2 is Evie! In fact though the dds have a double-barrel surname with Stevens the 2nd name.

Dd2 gets called Evie Stevens by her godmother as an affectionate name. I did have the same thought-process as you at the time but then I just thought we'd get on with it


MsHighwater · 24/02/2008 20:42

Evie is a pretty name but I would have to say it's not a great match with Stevens. Like phlossie says, why give them the ammunition?


beep · 24/02/2008 21:03

I went to school with a girl whose name was Evelyn Stevens, we called her Evie, I don't ever recall aynoe saying even Stevens.


MinkVelvet · 24/02/2008 21:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MadamePlatypus · 24/02/2008 21:08

I like it. I hadn't heard of Even Stevens until now. I think its pretty obscure.


Boco · 24/02/2008 21:10

Hey! I have an Evie Rose too! So, obviously, I love it.

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