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To think adults dont use “bath bombs”

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OffredsNose · 08/01/2023 13:25

I seem to get tons of them for Christmas. They always smell old fashioned and I can’t imagine anyone actually using them apart from children?! I’ve just chucked one in the bath (to get rid of it) and watched it melt away. Absolutely pointless surely?

YABU - they’re great
YANBU - they’re pointless for anyone over the age of 12

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Am I being unreasonable?

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KindergartenKop · 08/01/2023 13:25

I like them!

Hawkins001 · 08/01/2023 13:26

They are quite nice some are plain, it's a mix

PlaitBilledDuckyPuss · 08/01/2023 13:27

They make me itch!

Shitzngiggles · 08/01/2023 13:27

I wouldn't use them and thankfully have never been given one. I don't have baths, only showers. I think unless you know someone would particularly like them, then yes they're an extremely pointless present. But you could say that about a lot of presents I suppose.

Needmorelego · 08/01/2023 13:28

I'm one of those rare people who loves the smell when you walk past a branch of Lush 🤣
The only reason I don't tend to use bath bombs is because I am obsessed with bubbles but I love the smell of them.

ShadowPuppets · 08/01/2023 13:28

I like some but I’m very fussy. DMIL gets me some generic ones that smell really artificial and I never use them. There are four from Lush that I love - but at £4 a time I buy them sparingly!

MrsSkylerWhite · 08/01/2023 13:28

Our adult kids use them.

OriginalUsername2 · 08/01/2023 13:28

They make your bath cost about £5 for some muddy water. Huge rip-off. They do look pretty though.

Picklypickles · 08/01/2023 13:30

No one in our house uses them as we've all got sensitive skin, the last time my daughter got one as a gift from someone she had to get out of the bath after 3 minutes because her skin was burning!

litlealligator · 08/01/2023 13:30

I love a bath bomb!

TheChosenTwo · 08/01/2023 13:31

I don’t tend to use them as they’re about £6 for one bath that usually cover it and you in glitter or there are petals bobbing about and blocking up the drainage. I do use Lush bubble bars though every time I have a bath. They’re about £6 but I get a few baths out of them!
so I’d imagine there are plenty of adults who use bath bombs but I’m not one of them.

UnbeatenMum · 08/01/2023 13:33

My 3yo is obsessed with bath bombs! I don't really bath much since having children but I used to like the Lush ones. Not the ones with glitter in that take ages to clean off afterwards though...

Fairislefandango · 08/01/2023 13:33

YABU. I don't see why they would be any more or less pointless than putting any other kind of bubble bath, bath salts, oils etc in the bath. Any of those products can be nice or not nice, with quality ingredients or not, and smell old-fashioned (whatever that means) or... modern? They also sometimes come without plastic packaging, depending on where you buy them. I used to really like Lush ones before I boycotted Lush.

SamphirethePogoingStickerist · 08/01/2023 13:33

Are some of you forgetting that each bath bomb is sold to do 2 baths, some of them will do 3 quite happily?

I like some. I use them in winter baths, when the cold has sunk into my bones. I have ME/CFS so nice long baths are pretty important to me.

MaryJean87 · 08/01/2023 13:33

I like them, prefer bubble bath though.

LulooLemon · 08/01/2023 13:34

They're also known as cystitis bombs.
I wouldn't touch one with a barge pole. 🤣

L1ttledrummergirl · 08/01/2023 13:34

I'm currently working my way through a job lot I've been given. Mainly because dd used 3 quarters the last of my bubble bath and I keep forgetting to replace it.

FatGirlSwim · 08/01/2023 13:34

YABU, I ask for them if anyone asks what I want for Christmas and birthdays!

PoinsettiaPosturing · 08/01/2023 13:36

The Lush twilight ones are beautiful, my skin feels amazing after an evening bath in one & I break them in half to do 2-3 baths for £4

Ncgirlseriously · 08/01/2023 13:36

YABU. Your issue isn’t that “adults don’t use bath bombs”, it’s that you personally don’t like them. Just tell people you don’t like them.

I love a good bath bomb.

TheKeatingFive · 08/01/2023 13:36

I like them. I don't get them so much now, but would be very happy to receive one.

teaandtoastwithmarmite · 08/01/2023 13:37

I'm not really a fan of them. My 9 yr old dd loves them

KimberleyClark · 08/01/2023 13:38

Never use them. Even the thought of one makes me itch.

Trinity65 · 08/01/2023 13:38

Ungrateful or What

Sparklesocks · 08/01/2023 13:39

I don’t mind them once in a while with a bath, but I’m not super fussed either way.

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