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To not understand the hype with oodies?

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RainbowsMoonbeams · 17/11/2022 11:20

Anyone else? I just don’t get their popularity.

A dressing gown, or any other hooded blanket will do the job of keeping you warm. Costs a lot less too.

Am I missing something here?

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ILoveXmasChocsInNov · 17/11/2022 11:24

I don't get it either. They look hideous but maybe the are extremely comfortable.

Fordian · 17/11/2022 11:24

I'm wearing my Primark fake Oodie right now. £14. It's great; the hood, down, keeps my neck warm, it can't untie and it has pockets.

Fordian · 17/11/2022 11:25

It's also lightweight, tho warm. I don't want super-warm as I'm post-menopausal!

picklemewalnuts · 17/11/2022 11:27

Mine's great (cheapy version). The cuffs mean the sleeves don't catch on stuff, and keep the wrists warm.
The size means I can wear it over anything. Mine has pockets I find Handy for my phone.

Keeps my bum and kidneys warm.

I don't feel trussed up like a Turkey. It's great.

Hugasauras · 17/11/2022 11:28

Well they're a lot thicker than most dressing gowns for a start. They're just very warm and woolly hoodies, there's not really much to get! I don't think they are meant to look attractive!

hairyunicorn · 17/11/2022 11:28

Gotta say i have grown to love mine, extra fluffy and warm but not over heating. I keep the heating off and sleep in mine.

Sage396 · 17/11/2022 11:28

I don't have an Oodie specifically but I have the Primark version and wear it all the time, it's great for keeping warm while working from home. Actually, I have two for when one is in the wash.

It's so much better than a dressing gown... With a dressing gown I find myself constantly fixing and re-tying it, and the feeling of the tie is uncomfortable for me.

I don't own "any other hooded blanket" so buying this was the same thing really...

teaandtoastwithmarmite · 17/11/2022 11:30

Mine is not attractive although has a cute penguin design 😆. It is too bulky to wear all the time but good for relaxing on the sofa

Thehawki · 17/11/2022 11:31

I got one as a gift and having felt the primark ones (although they are good) the oodies are thicker and longer. I get absolutely roasting in it compared to my normal fluffy dressing gown. I would say for me they are worth the money, but blankets and a dressing gown will do a similar thing. I don’t think they’re supposed to look amazing, just supposed to feel cosy, which they do!

luxxlisbon · 17/11/2022 11:34

YANBU they look so bad, usually shiny, tacky prints and a ridiculous price for basically a blanket with arm holes.

I also don’t get all the people who recommend them when someone is struggling with their energy bills, they would be better off buying good quality thermals that they can also wear outside and a blanket that gives them more uses.

allthecrooksandnannies · 17/11/2022 11:35

It’s the same as anything though? People buying GHDs for £100+ when Remingtons for £30 will do the same job.

2tired2careanymore · 17/11/2022 11:40

A proper Oodie is nothing like a dressing gown. A proper Oodie is thick and heavy like a weighted blanket. It helps to relax me when I'm stressed after work in a way no dressing gown ever could.

Knock off Oodies aren't the same IMO. But they have hoods and aren't flapping open with a gust of wind when you need to take the bins out. So I can see how people prefer them to dressing gowns.

My kids hated dressing gowns but love their knock off oodies from Amazon. That might have more to do with the Minecraft designs though.

TheOnlyBeeInYourBonnet · 17/11/2022 11:40

If you put one on, you'd get it. It's really hard to put into words just how lovely and cosy they are to wear.

2tired2careanymore · 17/11/2022 11:40

Also, I've yet to find a Rick and Morty dressing gown.

BamBamBilla · 17/11/2022 11:41

I don't see the attraction either. They look big bulky and cumbersome so I would imagine you'd need to take it off if you wanted to move around in the home, big sleeves getting in the way when making a cup of tea or cooking dinner.

I'd rather wear long johns and thermal vests under a close knit jumper so I could actually move around. If I wanted that snuggly feeling just sitting still like watching tv, I'd put a blanket over my legs.

Tigofigo · 17/11/2022 11:43

YANBU, I've already got an old onesie and am sticking with that.

Don't like that they're made from virgin plastic, which is made from fossil fuels. Pollutes the environment with microfibres when you wash it.

Okbye · 17/11/2022 11:43

I got one for Christmas in 2020 - it's lovely but only worn it a handful of times because it's too hot! 😄

Tigofigo · 17/11/2022 11:43

allthecrooksandnannies · 17/11/2022 11:35

It’s the same as anything though? People buying GHDs for £100+ when Remingtons for £30 will do the same job.

Having had both GHD and Remington's, they are NOT the same!!

CakeCrumbs44 · 17/11/2022 11:43

I've got a hooded blanket from Dunelm, it's nice and cosy. I'm sure the oodies are thicker but then I would probably be too hot!

I think, as with many things, you're paying for the brand and (perceived?) quality . Same as real Lego costs more than Wilko "brix", or Moet et Chandon costs more than Aldi Champagne. Many would argue that the Lego and Moet are probably better for various reasons but if you don't want to spend that much, there are pretty good equivalents for your budget.

2tired2careanymore · 17/11/2022 11:45

I also don't get the whole 'they look awful' argument either. I'm yet to see anyone who looks good in a warm dressing gown either. But who will see you? Your DP? Your kids? The postman? I can't say I'm that eager to impress any of them TBH.

SalmonOnTheRock · 17/11/2022 11:47

We can more than afford our energy bills, but resent the increase so we try and keep it off during the day, two hours in the evening and very energy efficient gas fire.

During the day I wear a heated gilet.

It was a lot cheaper on Amazon, and keeps me toasty all day and I can still function.

JustFree · 17/11/2022 11:48

I hate them. I prefer long woolly dresses and thick leggings for staying warm inside without the heating on. If it's really cold, I'll wear a thermal top, cotton leggings, woolly dress and long cardigan with fleecy slippers. It's not exactly stylish but I couldn't go about my day wearing a gigantic synthetic poncho thing

PuttingDownRoots · 17/11/2022 11:50

Are you meaning Oodies as in the brand, or te hoody style blanket idea it self?

I have an Amazon one... Ben great for camping. Can't reay wander around a campsite in a dressing gown in the same way during the day. Blankets ae good or whe you are sitting down.

The Oodie brand ones look a bit oversized though! Maybe thats because they use stick thin models and in the ads and would be less bulky on more podgy people like me.

Jengnr · 17/11/2022 11:58

I have two. Don’t think they are branded but I love them. They are like a giant hug you can wear to wfh.

pinkyredrose · 17/11/2022 12:03

What's an Oodie? Am i missing something amazing?

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