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Very boring thread - I need a hoover

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Merryoldgoat · 06/10/2022 11:34

Sorry but I need recommendations for a good hoover and no one is as houseproud as the MN contingent.

I have a Shark anti hair wrap cordless and it’s rubbish.

I need the following:

Good for carpet and hard floors
Good for pet hair (nothing extreme as it’s just a moggy cat I have)
Cordless as the house has big and awkward shaped rooms.
Decent charge time
Doesn’t need lots of unclogging

Recommendations very welcome please

OP posts:
W0rldofGiants · 06/10/2022 12:22

Robot hoover

TeefAsseblief · 06/10/2022 12:23

Miele cat and dog hoover

TeefAsseblief · 06/10/2022 12:23

Ignore me, missed cordless...

perenniallymessy · 06/10/2022 12:23

Honestly I don't think there is a perfect option out there.

I have a Eufy robot vacuum for a daily clean and then the Henry Hoover for a deeper clean, plus a tiny handheld for a quick clean up.

I did used to have a Bosch Athlet vacuum cleaner- it's cordless and I think they still do a pet version. It's not too expensive and stands up on its own out of the way. Unfortunately, it's not that steady when you stand it up and a couple of years of it being knocked over by my DH and DC (or they'd use it and not stand it correctly so that it fell over) meant the handle cracked and I never managed to successfully fix it. So I'd recommend it is you have somewhere you can safely put it out of the way of clumsy DC and DH.

Overitallnow · 06/10/2022 12:25

GTech is the best. have an upright and a hand held for the stairs.

Musti · 06/10/2022 12:26

Interesting. I love the shark anti hair wrap, but it does need clearing regularly as it is only small so there is only so much it can cope with

CMOTDibbler · 06/10/2022 12:29

I've just given up on cordless and bought a Henry Pet. The Dyson cordless gets clogged up with my hair all the time, and I find it very heavy to use. We stayed in a holiday place with a Henry and it was so light and easy to use that moving the plug was well worth it

FuzzyPuffling · 06/10/2022 12:30

If you've space to store him, a Henry.

Thatboymum · 06/10/2022 12:30

I couldn’t rate my dyson v15 enough I also have a Samsung robot hoover for any little crumbs dropped and shit the dog trails on from the garden to keep on top of it all

maddy68 · 06/10/2022 12:30

I have a robot hoover which Hoover's every day and is brilliant. For a more thorough clean you can't beat a Henry. We have been through loads of really expensive ones and Henry is the best

TheMaddHugger · 06/10/2022 12:30


Very boring thread - I need a hoover
GasPanic · 06/10/2022 12:34

I have a blue henry that hoovers up wet and dry.

My god it weighs a ton though. Moving it between floors is an event.

I think you really need 2x hoovers. An industrial strength wet and dry one for the tough jobs and a lightweight electrical one to move around quickly for emergency hoovering needs.

GasPanic · 06/10/2022 12:34

Sorry battery/cordless one.

CentrifugalBumblePuppy · 06/10/2022 12:35

After 4 incarnations of various replacement Dysons with a very shedding Lab we gave up with domestic vacuums & went for an industrial shop vacuum. Ours died after a brave 10 years of 2 doodles (non shedding, hahaha) & 5 cats, and we’ve just replaced it with a £40 wet/dry Parkside Lidl one (just like the last one, just a smaller canister capacity).

We have wooden floors & rugs & it handles everything brilliantly (and I think it’s 1400w, being an ‘industrial’ means the wattage isn’t throttled by domestic vacuum regulations).

We also have a decrepit, 3rd generation Roomba who shambles around every morning, useful for a bit of a tidy (just from eBay years ago, it’s gone a bit senile & hums a tune as it vacuums, but it has character I guess)!

Merryoldgoat · 06/10/2022 12:38

Well that’s a lot of opinions with no consensus 😫

A robot hoover would be tricky in my house I think - I’ll look into it.

Henry is too heavy as I have knee and back issues. I really want a cordless.

Ill look into Gtech and Dyson.

OP posts:
Takeitonthechin · 06/10/2022 12:43

I've just gone through the same as you but with a Dyson cordless, absolute rubbish too.
I picked up a second hand Sebo hoover on ebay market place, absolutely brilliant... it's obviously heavier but it can recognise the different heights of different flooring and automatically adjusts... the suction is brill too.

Throwawaytoday · 06/10/2022 12:43

Like PP we have a Eufy for daily (we just set 'her' loose in a room and leave her to it, then move her to another room, we have fiddly stairs between rooms in our house).

Then a Miele cat and dog for deeper cleaning (it's wired, but quite light to use as it's a stick vaccum).

Then a little handheld one for cleanups (Black and Decker).

Nothingtoseehereok · 06/10/2022 12:50

Another vote for a Miele Cat and Dog. Mine was a present from my mum a couple of weeks after I had my eldest. I have just delivered him to university - and got the same Miele out to clean up his pit of a room.

LuaDipa · 06/10/2022 12:56

I’ve tried loads of cordless vacuums and I haven’t found one that’s even reasonable. I have instead acquired three corded upright vacuums now that I keep in various places around the house so I don’t have to lug them about - I have a Sebo, Miele cat and dog and a new Shark (gifted by my dm) and I would highly recommend them all.

feckingusernames · 06/10/2022 13:31

I've got a Vax Power Blade 4 and it's really good, but it eats the battery when it's running on max power and powered head

TheFairyCaravan · 06/10/2022 13:34

I've got a Shark cordless and corded. We've got hard floors downstairs and carpets upstairs.

The cordless is really good, however the tank is small (they are on all cordless hoovers) and you can't do the whole house without emptying it.

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats · 06/10/2022 13:37

I have a Shark corded PZ1000UKT. Best hoover I've ever had (replaced a duff VAX). Recommend to anyone.
Never found a cordless vacuum that is any good.

HeythereDelilah101 · 06/10/2022 13:38

Cordless Henry

mamabear715 · 06/10/2022 13:39

@TheMaddHugger :-)

TuxedoJunction · 06/10/2022 13:42

Another vote here for the Miele cat/dog one 👌.

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