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To ask for creative ideas for daytime relaxation away from home

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freckles20 · 18/04/2022 10:17

Boring backstory but I would love to find a way to have a few hours to relax, nap and read away from home occasionally. Ideally somewhere quiet and comfortable.

My caring responsibilities mean I just can't find the mental space to relax at home, even when someone else takes over so I am technically not 'on duty'. I have really tried, but I just can't do it at home.

I had a wonderful spa afternoon recently. It included a massage and a meal. I absolutely loved just relaxing on a lounger by the pool. I was in heaven! I didn't even take the complimentary massage or meal because all I wanted to do was sit quietly by myself and relax for the maximum amount of time possible. Those four hours were the most enjoyable for as long as I can remember.

However, I can't justify frequent trips to a spa and so I am looking for other ideas.

I have discovered that you can book hotels for just daytime use, but this is another expensive option and there aren't any particularly close by to me as they all seem to be part of the major hotel chains.

Any other ideas oh wise wise mumsnetters?

OP posts:
saveforthat · 18/04/2022 10:20

Library or book shop with coffee shop inside?

FrancescaContini · 18/04/2022 10:20

Do you have any very very good friends or family members who are regularly and reliably out of their home for a few hours per week? Could you ask if you could just use their sitting room or garden to rest and recover once a week? Leave them some wine or flowers each time?

saveforthat · 18/04/2022 10:21

Or now the weather is improving local park

Letsrunabath · 18/04/2022 10:21

Pack a picnic, chair, blanket and flask find a nice area and set up camp. Doesn’t cost anything and has the benefit of fresh air so you will sleep better at night.

Lockheart · 18/04/2022 10:23

It doesn't fill the nap criteria, but you could spend afternoons at libraries or coffee shops reading.

Alternatively (if you have a car) you could drive yourself to a beach or beauty spot with drinks and a picnic chair. If the weather's poor you can take a blanket and pillow and put the passenger seat right back.

PlasticPlantsDontDie · 18/04/2022 10:27

Coffee shop living with a good book.

Nothing better.

Wbeezer · 18/04/2022 10:33

The library at DS2s uni has pods that you can book to shut out noise and other distractions, that kind of thing would be good
I quite fancy trying a flotarium but they are a bit pricy.

Wbeezer · 18/04/2022 10:38

Those fishermans camping chair/ bed things always look comfy to me, you could take up pretend fishing and just sit by a pond snoozing.

Time40 · 18/04/2022 10:50

Is there a hotel with health club and pool near you? Could you afford to join, and then use it the same way you used your spa day? There's a hotel with a pool in one of the places I visit quite often that's open to the public without even having to be a member - maybe there's one like that near you?

freckles20 · 18/04/2022 10:51

Oh these suggestions are fantastic. Thank you all so much. I shall make a list.

OP posts:
PeggyGa · 18/04/2022 11:00

David Lloyd gyms have spas that are amazing. I pay £140 a month but can have a spa day every day. I’m sure other gyms will have similar near me there is a country club which is just as nice so I guess near you there will be similar.

An hour having a sauna, steam and a snooze on the heated loungers or hammocks I’m like a new women!

Haveatakeaway · 18/04/2022 11:50

Might be odd by my dh fishes, and sometimes in the summer if the children are at school I pack us a picnic, take a blanket and book or sketch pad for a few hours. I don't fish so set up camp a little away from dh (apparently fish can feel the vibrations if you talk in anymore than a whisper 🙄😂). If you're not fishing you won't need a rod licence but it's normally about £5 for a day ticket to access the lake. You could take a pillow to doze? Maybe this could work? I'm a full time carer for my mum aswell and I know exactly what you mean. If you're in the house you're still feeling like you're on duty Flowers we also locally have a great charity book shop with a cafe attached. They have sofas and tables and chairs, and really lovely food.

110APiccadilly · 18/04/2022 11:53

I see others have suggested a library - that was going to be my first suggestion. Is there anywhere outside near you where you could take a picnic blanket in nice weather and just lie down with a good book?

sleepymum50 · 18/04/2022 11:58

Find a real swanky hotel and go and have a coffee or two in their lounge.

Ideal if it’s got those comfy club chairs, quiet because most people will go to a coffee house, and if it’s beautiful that would work for me. Nice weather, go and sit on the terrace.

Auntpodder · 18/04/2022 11:58

Scout out some nature reserves or rivers with benches and find your 3/4 favourites and keep going back. Some country house hotels allow you to have leisure memberships.

maleksara · 02/05/2022 11:01

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