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Why the hell do my swimming costumes do this?

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Silverswirl · 04/02/2022 20:36

I’m beyond frustrated. Can anyone relate / give advice?
I have large boobs so need a non padded, NON moulded cup, underwired swimming costume. (Would never wear bikini)
I get them from figleaves (now simply be I believe) and they look great, fit well, hold everything in place. They arnt cheap but I can’t really find anything as good. All swimming costumes seem to come with moulded cups which do not work with my boobs at all.
The problem is that every flipping costume really quickly goes see through at the bum after a short time. The water degrades it.
I always rinse well with cold water.
I seem to have to buy a new one every year and now with my latest one I’ve only worn it approx 10 times and it’s already completely see through at the bum.
I’m so cross as these costumes cost around £60.
Please tell me someone has an answer to this 😩


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Wheredoallthepensgo · 12/11/2022 22:59

I'm big of boob and use Speedo. They've lasted years. Swim twice a week.

teaandtoastwithmarmite · 12/11/2022 22:35

I get mine from boden. Never had that.

PhillyJoe · 12/11/2022 22:34

I’m a 36E and have found this suit from Zoggs to be excellent for breast support. And as per @Hobbes8’s excellent suggestion, you could just replace with cheap black bottoms.

lljkk · 12/11/2022 22:34

"the instructions actually say hand wash with cold water."

That doesn't mean simply rinse in cold water: you need something to coax the chlorine out. Soap can help get it out of the fabric. simply rinsing in plain water is not enough, needs a good exposure to some kind of soap or detergent.

I'm not that fussy which kind of detergent (or soap), but always soak my suits after a swim in soapy water. I swim 1-2x/week, my suits seem to last 100-150 wears.

Roundmywaythe · 12/11/2022 22:22

Happens when they’re too small and the material is stretched

ColeensBoot · 12/11/2022 22:22

Need to wash after every wear. The chlorine degrades the lycra in the fabric. Or buy non-lycra containing suits.

Dontaskdontget · 12/11/2022 22:21

I’ve never had that happen. The bottoms are double layers, too. Mine are from
white stuff.

bruffin · 12/11/2022 22:19

I buy zoggs and speedo and have worn them up to 4 times a week for years, they last.

Dreamingcats · 12/11/2022 22:19

Kjr33 · 04/02/2022 20:56

Never any detergent of any sort. I use the cool rinse cycle on the machine though rather than hand wash, has to be done asap after swimming. Hung to dry properly but never in strong sunlight. I have had costumes last for years like this and have a competitive swimmer in the house who keeps swim wear for ages too. Also try proper swimwear brands (although I appreciate this will be v hard with big boobs to consider) rather than fashion swimwear.

I agree with this. My swimsuits last years. Also, don't hang on a heated towel rail!

Gloriosity · 12/11/2022 21:55

Is it possible (don’t hit me!) that they’re too small? I am the opposite way round- my bust is two dress sizes bigger than my bum- and my all in one costumes go see through up top rather than on the bottom.

StamppotAndGravy · 12/11/2022 21:52

All my Australian swim friends wear Funkita because they're the only thing that survives high levels of chlorine and UV. Fashion swimsuits disintegrate almost immediately.

Funkita have high support bikinis and one pieces. I'm flat chested so can't comment on the support, but their normal costumes are great!

ghostyslovesheets · 12/11/2022 21:50


Daisy62 · 12/11/2022 21:50

Ah, zombie thread.

Daisy62 · 12/11/2022 21:48

My black Speedo cozzies have lasted really well, with no visible wear at the bum area. I put them in the machine the minute I get home, with ordinary detergent. Or if I'm on holiday, I rinse them really well then soak them for a while in cold water.

theyalsoserve · 12/11/2022 21:42

Sitting by the pool or easing in from sitting on the edge will definitely do this. Pool side is often rough to prevent slipping after all.

GoodnightGentleBoris · 12/11/2022 21:33

This reply has been deleted

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Oh do bugger off would you

Ukelelele · 12/11/2022 21:30

This reply has been deleted

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MontyDonsBlueScarf · 04/02/2022 22:45

Vitamin C supposedly neutralises chlorine. I have taken to putting my suits through a 15 minute cold wash with mild detergent and half a soluble Vit C tablet after every use. Too early to say whether this is working as the current suits are only a month old (in the pool on average an hour a day, alternating suits).

SummerInSun · 04/02/2022 22:28

Sorry, that should read Buy Speedo

thisyearsuckssofar · 04/02/2022 22:28

Oh dear, apologies for typos. Still getting used to typing in new phone

SummerInSun · 04/02/2022 22:27

But Speedo

thisyearsuckssofar · 04/02/2022 22:26

That is swimmer here. As orders have said, proper branded swim suit is the way to go. My fancy, hold in cupped ones tend to have disappearing cups, see through boobs and thin sagging material after a while. My Sports ones bounce into shape after every to wash and last for years


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roseum · 04/02/2022 22:19

I have this problem too. I’ve totally given up on swimming costumes. I get bravissimo bikini tops, pick up bikini bottoms/ swim shorts whenever I see them on sale/ or in decathlon who tend to be cheap, including a great decathlon pair that are like cycling shorts, and then I get rash vests to wear on top, again usually decathlon. Then I just get rid of the cheap bottoms when they go see-through and the rash vests hide all the flaws and bulges between bikini bottom and neck. I guess because the rash vests are for surfing they are (so far) a bit more robust. If the bikini tops go see-through, it doesn’t matter so much due to being under the rash vest.

MzHz · 04/02/2022 22:11

You’re using them in a pool when they aren’t designed for chlorine

You need Chlorine resistant suits

hivemindneeded · 04/02/2022 22:08


I don’t know the answer, but I’ve had that happen to a few of mine. Particularly turquoise ones!

How weird. the only one this has happened to for me was turquoise too.
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