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Presents for men

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MooncakeandAvocato · 20/11/2021 11:48

I am very very bad at buying presents for men. Women are easy (we have so much range!)

So, if you’ve any thoughts on possible presents for the following men, it would be much appreciated! Happy to go up to about £200 per present.

  1. Super stylish man, turning 40 just before Christmas. Likes designer-y things. Sort of person who has subscriptions to GQ and Vanity Fair.

2. 34 year old man. Complete opposite. Becomes oddly attached to holey jumpers. Likes cricket, craft beer, expensive Nordic socks (already purchased) and BBC 4 music documentaries.

They like other things, as well, but it’s difficult to think of what they are! What Christmas presents are you buying for the men in your lives?
OP posts:
brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr · 20/11/2021 11:53

Experiences, experiences, experiences.

Not stuff.

Trial flying lesson. Drive a Lambo. Learn to make chocolates. That mad zip line in Wales. Sailing taster course. Adam Kay or Alan Partridge live show. Something fun, braggable, do-togetherable, memorable. Not fill my drawers and cupboards with stuff.

MrzClaus · 20/11/2021 11:58

Number 1 -

Perhaps the classic aftershave, maison crivelli is long lasting and a good brand. Le Labo similar, or Creed.

A beautiful Hermes tie? Just under £200 normally, lovely quality and subtle designer (if you know you know sort of designer, not obvious or flashy).

Number 2 -

National trust membership if they don't already have one? Craft beer experience (depending where you are in the country)?

Fomofo · 20/11/2021 12:01

A tie for 200 quid!

Simonjt · 20/11/2021 12:25

You can get a nice montblanc belt for £200 or maison margiela. A mulberry wallet is just over £200. MrPorter do an advent calendar

JumperandJacket · 20/11/2021 12:30

Proper Guernsey jumper for number 2 These are really wonderful, made on Guernsey from British wool and last a lifetime.

Guacamole001 · 20/11/2021 12:33

Elemis for men. Their favourite booze. For example a vintage champagne or decent wine in a box (if you like shopping on amazon that is).

PingedPotato · 20/11/2021 12:35

Gift vouchers

united4ever · 20/11/2021 12:38

Just buy beer for the second bloke. Something good. Cloudwater perhaps. Doubt he would be dissapointed.

DentalWorries · 20/11/2021 12:42

Man number 1 sounds like my partner. A few things he likes -
Le Labo Tonka 25 fragrance
Aqua di Parma Oud
Penhaligons ombré leather
Aspinal black leather laptop case
Aspinal black leather travel wallet
Massimo Dutti or Reiss vouchers
Monica Vinader engraved bracelet
Ugg black slip on suede slippers

DentalWorries · 20/11/2021 12:44

Just be careful with some of the restaurant experiences. We had one recently from Red Letter Days for a £200 meal experience. On top of what was included we ordered 1 drink each. When our bill came it was £100 as they’d charged us service on top of the experience value!! What was meant to be a free meal ended up being very expensive!

Shoxfordian · 20/11/2021 12:51

Why wouldn’t you expect to pay service in a restaurant?

I’m not sure about experience vouchers still at the moment with all the covidy stuff about

witheringrowan · 20/11/2021 12:52

No 2 sounds a lot like my dad - last Christmas I got him a really good digital radio which has been a big success.

Allywill · 20/11/2021 12:53

For no 2 check out holzkern. Watches made from wood and stone. Unusual and natural.
For no 1 I would consider a nice fragrance - the ones already mentioned are good or google the hand dyed shoe guy for an exclusive shoe experience.

Guacamole001 · 20/11/2021 12:56

The Ugg suede slippers sound nice.

DentalWorries · 20/11/2021 13:00

@Shoxfordian of course I’d expect to pay service but not £60 on what was a gift. Maybe my judgement was clouded because it was a rubbish experience anyway but I thought that was outrageous

GrandDuchessRomanov · 20/11/2021 13:01


StarryNightSparkles · 20/11/2021 13:06

Barbour do lovely weekend bags and also have lovely toiletries bags to go with them. Got DH both last year and were a hit.

National Trust membership as suggested by a previous poster is a fab idea.

Personally I am avoiding gift cards, experience days as I am nervous incase the business goes bust.

DialSquare · 20/11/2021 13:10

What about something like this for the beer drinker?

JumperandJacket · 20/11/2021 13:14

I think you have to be careful with experiences. These are some people’s idea of hell (not having experiences but having Experiences, if you see what I mean- learning to make cocktails or go in a hot air balloon or whatever with a load of randoms who are also having an Experience). My DH has been given hundreds of pounds worth of vouchers over the years and he let them all quietly expire, I’m sad to say. Restaurant experiences are especially bad as you’re generally given a limited menu and have to pay more if you want anything else, making it a funny sort of gift.

JumperandJacket · 20/11/2021 13:15

@DentalWorries I would expect service to be included on something marketed as a meal experience.

VictoriaClaire28 · 21/11/2021 14:06

Try here if you need gifts for a cricketer, lots of big discounts in the black friday sale, could get them some decent training equipment or even a nice bat with that budget!

TerribleZebra · 21/11/2021 14:25

If either of them are readers I can highly recommend 12 book subscriptions - I've used Willoughby Book Club and Mr. Bs Emporium and the recipients have loved them. Cooking classes at Little Portland Street cooking school have also been a big hit. Cashmere jumpers from John Lewis and really lovely leather work bad has also been successful

Tonyschoco · 21/11/2021 14:41

I’m not keen on mass produced ‘experiences’ because they usually wind up being a ‘lite’ version, that’s less good than if you just went off your own back; limited menu, limited access etc. So if you want to do an experience, I’d book it direct with whatever it is.

SarahBellam · 21/11/2021 14:52

Dr. Martens shoes/boots
Cashmere socks
Disney+ subscription (has all the Marvel universe and Star Wars movies on it)
Air Pods/Apple pencil/iPad case/AirTags
Crew jumpers (not high fashion or scruffy, but I buy my dad one every few years and they last forever and are great quality)
Posh slippers

WalkingOnTheCracks · 21/11/2021 15:14

Experiences, experiences, experiences.

Not stuff.

Trial flying lesson. Drive a Lambo. Learn to make chocolates. That mad zip line in Wales. Sailing taster course. Adam Kay or Alan Partridge live show. Something fun, braggable, do-togetherable, memorable. Not fill my drawers and cupboards with stuff.

Or, to give an alternative male point of view, please, please none of the above.

I’d rather have the ‘flu.

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