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Should I buy it?

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WishUponAStarbar · 26/02/2019 11:32

Maybe doesn't belong here but this is the busiest section of mumsnet.
Looking for presents to buy DD for her first birthday, I don't want to buy lots as she loses interest in things quickly, alot of her Christmas toys are abandoned.
I've came across the "wobbel board" it looks good, can be used with all ages and apparently helps the child use their imagination. I've found one for £80 although some are £120. My mum says it's a waste of money for a piece of wood. But the reviews are good and it's something that will last? Does anyone have any experience with one of these? Is it a waste of money or is it better than buying toys with lights and sounds which she already has lots of. I feel it would be worth it but willing to hear others opinions.

OP posts:
UnfinishedUsernam · 26/02/2019 11:41

I can't even remember what I bought my 3 on their first birthdays. I got into the habit of putting aside £50 but buying a gift of around £30 and saving the rest. Babies aren't arsed what they get. I remember dd screeching with laughter when dancing on top of bubble wrap, making it pop and her brother pretending to be shocked each time. Grin

sirmione16 · 26/02/2019 11:42

Looks a huge waste of money to me. Will only keep a kids interest for 2 minutes if that, not stimulating at all. Can't believe they're so expensive either!

If you're super keen on the idea then here's a cheaper version that looks more fun too from amazon.

Also just put a plank of wood across a brick or something outside for the same sort of fun. (Yes outdoor but still, same type of thing)

Enidblyton1 · 26/02/2019 11:51

I can imagine my 4 year old really enjoying this - she’d ride on it and rock her dollies on it. My 7 years old would find lots of uses for it too. 12 months seems a bit young to me to get much enjoyment from it.

Also, it’s just a piece of curved wood. You could go to the woods and find big sticks to play with/tree bark/leaves etc which would be just as fun. Just seems ridiculously overpriced. However, IF your child ends up playing with it a lot, it could be worth it. Unfortunately you never know what toys different children will end up loving. For my experience it tends to be things I never expected - my peg bag had been a constant source of amusement for years now!

Our most successful present at 1 was a wooden trolley with bricks inside. Played with a lot and useful for learning to walk.

Strawberry2017 · 26/02/2019 11:55

Looks like a rubbish present for a 1 year old. Expensive too.
I couldn't see my 1 year old showing any interest in that at all.
I think you need to go back to the drawing board for ideas.

Stompythedinosaur · 26/02/2019 11:58

It looks lovely, but being brutally honest I don't think my dc would have used it much.

I honestly think you'd be better off with a ride on or some happyland or duplo.

BlueMerchant · 26/02/2019 12:01

I wouldn't be getting it. My two wouldn't have bothered with it at 1 and not much when they got older either. A passing fancy that's not worth the price tag. I don't think gifts are hugely important for a 1st Birthday. Have a fun day out Instead.

WishUponAStarbar · 26/02/2019 12:15

@sirmione16 thanks for that link. Looks alot more appealing for a child too!

You're all probably right, when at soft play my DD loves the soft play toys that rock so I thought this would be good. I was just going by the reviews, but obviously each child is different. I wasn't planning on buying alot of gifts, just clothes and some toys, she has a walker and a bucket of wooden building blocks which she uses most, we are planning a soft play day for her birthday. Just I'm obviously someone who falls for advertisement Grin I'm FTM and have no idea what to buy. I don't want to waste money either. Part of me thought this toy would be an investment hahaha. Thanks guys!

OP posts:
DanielRicciardosSmile · 26/02/2019 12:18

I can't see how that would stimulate imagination tbh. It looks fun, but not particularly thought-provoking. Confused

EnglishRose13 · 26/02/2019 12:19

I don't get it. Why does it cost so much??

WishUponAStarbar · 26/02/2019 12:20

@DanielRicciardosSmile so apparebtly it can be used as as slide, a ramp, a see saw, can be used to strengthen core muscles etc. Can use toy cars and trains on it.
That's what it said in advert... I guess I was sucked in. Just trying to find something fun to give as a gift, we don't have a garden otherwise I'd prefer to buy an outdoor toy.

OP posts:
covetingthepreciousthings · 26/02/2019 12:23

You'll get a lot of responses from people on here saying it's a waste of money for a bit of wood...

But, if you can afford it, I genuinely think it's worth the money. We have one, that has been played with pretty much every single day since we got it over a year ago.

Babipur is a fab independent online shop that stock them that would I recommend using.
It's also worth noting that it probably costs more due to being made sustainably & with a fair wage etc.

QueenOfCatan · 26/02/2019 12:33

I would. We've been after one for a long while but can't afford it ourselves and DD doesn't get much birthday or Christmas money. But I think she'd get a lot of enjoyment from it (now 2yo). There are independent brands who do the same thing for cheaper too, though you have to check that they are ce marked.

DanielRicciardosSmile · 26/02/2019 12:37

Ah I see. Still doesn't seem more likely to encourage imaginative play than, say, a cardboard box though to be honest. It does look fun though, I say go for it if you think she'd like it. You can always sell it on ebay

GookledyGobb · 26/02/2019 13:03

We’ve one, a jackalily, and it is pulled out every day. It’s a challenge for them to balance on it and rock it at all different ages. They also sit and lie on it to watch tv, and yes it’s a slide off our sofa and all sorts of other things. It’s good exercise (even for adults if you get one that’ll take your weight too) and will last and last and last

The comments about it only being a bit of wood - toys without bright lights/sounds encourage children to use their imaginations and bodies in a way that noisy plastic crap doesn’t (on the whole)

LauraPalmersBodybag · 26/02/2019 13:06

I’d definitely buy one, it will hopefully get tons of use over the next few years. Might take her a bit of time to figure out it’s uses but I think they’re brilliant toys.

livingthegoodlife · 26/02/2019 13:43

In a similar vein, do you have a Grimm's rainbow? I was sceptical but bought one for my daughter's 4th birthday. I was worried she was too old but she, and my other kids aged 5 & 6 play with it very regularly. Almost every day. It was been pens for farm animals, towers, bridges for trains & cars, a map, barriers, etc. Really recommend.

PlainSpeakingStraightTalking · 26/02/2019 13:45

I really wouldnt bother, bank the money, it will be more useful in the long run. A one year old has no idea what a birthday is, let alone that they are having one.

YouWinAgain · 26/02/2019 13:51

I got my DD a rocking horse thing but it was a teddy bear. Like this but cheaper

Lasted until she was well over 2. I bought ours in a charity shop for £30 it still had the tags on. If your DD likes the rockers at soft play she might like something like this?

covetingthepreciousthings · 26/02/2019 14:21

Also forgot to add.. it can take a lot of weight so adults can use them too. So could & should last years & years.

JuniperNarni · 26/02/2019 14:31

Is this the sort of thing you're describing OP from soft play? There's quite a lot out there if you Google for roughly the same price you'd be willing to pay for that. So that's another option.

teaandbiscuits0 · 26/02/2019 14:38

We have one. My dh was horrified when he found out how much it cost but our ds plays on it most days and he now says it's the best toy we have. We have a piklar triangle and ds uses them together.
I feel it will outlast any of the plastic toys we have.

HebeMumsnet · 26/02/2019 14:48

It looks very lovely, OP. I looked at these and never could quite justify the cost, but sounds like some kids do get a lot of use out of them. If you wanted something 'indoorsy' that will get a lot of use though my DS had a wooden play kitchen at this age and grew into it. It was used for years and they're also very easy to sell on, too. Or a wooden railway track, which can be added to over time and again is nice 'thing that will last'. Grandparents etc can always add bits to it as they get older.


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MistakenHoliday · 26/02/2019 14:51

We got one of these for DD when she was 3 and she loves it. Uses it for all kinds of stuff - everything that's been listed and fort building etc. It might me a bit pointless for a one-year old though...

GahWhatever · 26/02/2019 14:55

At 1 year old a big box full of smaller boxes will be a huge hit.
you can do it with cardboard ones, you can use a dolls house, however you like, but the concept of smaller within larger is hugely stimulating.
Stacking, nesting, all those things will go down a treat and cost nothing like £80.
If you go for cardboard boxes you can let your little one inside the biggest box and have the most exciting game of hide and seek/peekaboo ever!

GiveMeSteam · 26/02/2019 14:56

The Wobbel is great but I’d wait until she’s older. She really doesn’t need much this year.

I bought one in desperation when grandparents were clamouring to buy an expensive present but the children already had bloody everything. My thinking was that it would be easy clean up (one piece!) and make my life easier in that way.

I was spot on and I still enjoy ‘cleaning it up’ for that reason. The kids go through stages of playing with it. It’s been good value for money.

Seconding Grimm’s Rainbow which is also a perennial favourite in our house.

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