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To regret buying a cordless Dyson

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Crimson72 · 19/12/2018 15:16

I bought a new Dyson V7 cordless vacuum recently. According to the instructions it only lasts for 20 minutes' worth of vacuuming (or just six minutes on max mode!) before needing a charge, which takes 3.5 hours. I admit I did know this information before I bought it, but I think I was "sucked in" (no pun intended) by the look of it, the convenience of not having a cord, new technology etc.

Now it's arrived and while it is very easy to scoot around with, I'm thinking that 20 minutes just doesn't sound long enough to do a full vacuum of the house - and I imagine that charging it every time after use will be a PITA as well. The drum, where the dirt collects, is tiny and will therefore need emptying on a very regular basis, unlike my old Dyson which had a large cylinder and collected loads of dirt before emptying.

You have to hold down the on button while vacuuming - which isn't too much of an issue I suppose as it's where your finger would naturally rest anyway. The instructions also suggest mounting a docking station on your wall, which I'd rather not do, but it doesn't stand upright in the cupboard otherwise.

I'm now wanting to vacuum my kitchen floor but am unable to as it's only one hour into the 3.5 hour charge.

Does anyone else have one of these vacuums and AIBU to regret buying one? It does have great reviews online so I'm hoping I will grow to love it...

OP posts:
MysteryNameChange · 19/12/2018 15:19

I'm a cleaner so use loads of different types of vacuums. I think the Dyson cordless are best used in addition to a proper vacuum cleaner. Good for day to day quick de-crumbings but not good enough for big cleans. Charging them isn't too much hassle esp in you wall mount.

MysteryNameChange · 19/12/2018 15:20

They make cleaning stairs a much more enjoyable activity!

NicoAndTheNiners · 19/12/2018 15:22

I love mine, can do my whole 3 bed house in 20mins. The idea of the button is you only press when you need to so you're not wasting battery when you're moving furniture or walking to the next room.

81Byerley · 19/12/2018 15:24

No, you're not. It sounds awful. We have a robot vaccuum cleaner, which we love. It has a small dirt hopper, which we empty after each use. I'd love a cordless as well for the stairs. I reckon that combination would be good, but then we bought the Roomba about 4 years ago, so the cost wouldn't be such an issue for us as it would be for you.

Crimson72 · 19/12/2018 15:25

I can see it might make the stairs a lot easier! Does it really only last 20 mins on full charge?

OP posts:
Ihaventgottimeforthis · 19/12/2018 15:28

We have got one recently. It's fixed on the wall in the kitchen, so it's always charging when it's not in use. We only use it for a quick swish around, or doing one room at a time. It's fab for that, and for the stairs, corners etc.
It's small and light enough for the kids to use, but hella powerful. They love it!
It was obvious before we bought it how small the cylinder was.
You just need to rethink what you use it for, it's clear it's not for doing a whole house at a time. Do you have another big hoover too?

flobella · 19/12/2018 15:28

I have also just bought a V7 and am actually quite impressed with it, although it is early days. I have a four bedroom house and I can just about get round the whole house before it runs out of battery (admittedly I am talking about a quick hoover round, not a full on deep clean...). At times I have been known to put it onto max power at the end to fully run the battery down and can then charge it up from scratch. I probably need to empty it twice during a run - once for downstairs and once for upstairs. I find it really lightweight and don’t mind holding the button down although obviously those are personal preferences.

It suits me so far. I can’t say it has fully replaced my normal vacuum cleaner (if I was doing a really thorough clean, e.g., pulling out furniture etc), I would still get the Henry out. But for a quick freshen up at the end of each day I think it’s fab.

I am not convinced it will last though so will be holding that two year guarantee close and have kept the packaging just in case.

I have bought a spare filter as I intend to clean the filter twice as often as it suggests as I have dogs.

I have got mine mounted on the wall but in my utility room so it doesn’t bother me aesthetically.

I am sure you could return it though if you really aren’t happy with it and have barely used it? Might be worth contacting the retailer.

Louiselouie0890 · 19/12/2018 15:30

I quickly realised I still needed an actual hoover. I have kids so can't do the house in 20 minutes especially after dinner. It's useful just for quick messes the kids make or the stairs. I definitely could not use it as my only hoover. It is super annoying when it swit he's off and you haven't finished. I hated the thing but do t mind it as a quick use.

Babyroobs · 19/12/2018 15:30

I have just bought a cordless hoover one - absolute biggest waste of money ever , it just continually gets blocked and spits all the bits out. I actually feel like sending it back for a refund.

queencrunch · 19/12/2018 15:30

You can use it before 3.5 hours! I can do whole three bed house on one charge. You really only need to empty it during a vacuum if your house is really bad.

Great for a quick run around downstairs

LakieLady · 19/12/2018 15:33

I have a GTech and it gives a good 50 minutes or so on a full charge, and takes about 40 minutes to recharge.

Twenty minutes sounds like very little time to me.

gaggiagirl · 19/12/2018 15:34

I love mine. 3 kids in a 4 bed (very small) house and it's our only vac. I couldn't be without it.
Ours charges horizontally on a shelf a cupboard so not wall mounted.

KatharinaRosalie · 19/12/2018 15:34

I have a V6 and V8 and I love them (especially the 8 that lasts twice as long). They do a brilliant job and I do not need an additional hoover. We have a ton of pets so hoover all the time.

Ihaventgottimeforthis · 19/12/2018 15:35

We've noticed the head gets clogged up fairly easily though, so important to keep that free of crap like long hair, and also clean the filter regularly!

ineedtostopbeingsolazy · 19/12/2018 15:40

I love mine! I have the animal one. It's wall mounted in the garage (which is accessed through the utility room) and so charges all the time.
I have a 4 bed house and if I go quickly I can do the whole house, though I end to vacuum in stages anyway as I hate vacuuming.
Ours does a great job on the stairs and landing and I don't bring the big hoover out that often as I don't need to.
Maybe the Animal dyson is different to yours? I've no idea.

MinniesAndMickeysNeedCounting · 19/12/2018 15:41

Why did you buy the v7 with 20 minutes worth of vacuum time if you want the battery to last longer.

The v10 for example has up to 1 hour run time and a larger bin capacity. There's other models with 30 and 40 minute run times too.

Seems like you didn't research which model would be most suitable for your needs.

Thisonewilldo · 19/12/2018 15:41

I have one but also have a 'normal' hoover.

I find it great for quick tidy ups and for the stairs and car but it doesn't handle my dogs hair very well and I am terrible for forgetting to charge it and it running out on me all the time.

reallyanotherone · 19/12/2018 15:42

Hate mine. £400 utterly wasted.

It keeps cutting out too. I used to be able to take it apart, clean it thoroughly and it’s work for another day or so - utter pita constantly cleaning the bloody thing. Didn’t work long enough to run out of charge . Now though it won’t even do that- the only way i can get it to work is to take the filter out and hold my hand over the hole.

It seems a good idea, but wish i’d never bought it. My original 20 year old mains run one is still going strong, and cost half as much.

Should have taken it back but people kept telling me how great they are so i persevered.

afrikat · 19/12/2018 15:44

I love mine but do only use it for quick daily vaccuums downstairs and for the stairs once a week. We have a corded Dyson for the carpeted areas and the rest of the house.

SpacePenguin · 19/12/2018 15:45

I think you might be overestimating how long it takes to vacuum a house!

I don't have a Dyson, just a cheapo version and I've never run out of battery before finishing the whole house, including vacuuming sofas and giving high traffic areas a second run over.

We do need to empty more often now we have a cat, but I'm OK with that. It's well worth it for the convenience.

jomaIone · 19/12/2018 15:48

You don't need to wait the full 3.5 hours before you can use it 😕

I can do my whole house in 15 minutes. Normal 3 bed semi. I've attached the charger to my cupboard door and just take the stick off and attach the cylinder to charge then it's out of the way!

AlexaAmbidextra · 19/12/2018 15:49

I have one and I think they’re crap. I know, I was taken in by the hype so it’s my fault. I get sick of emptying the tiny canister where the dust doesn’t just fall out so you have to poke it with a chopstick. And the run time is ridiculous. IMO, all Dyson products are like the emperor’s new clothes. And as for £300 for a hairdryer and £400 for a styling wand, Dyson’s marketing is far better than it’s products.


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NKFell · 19/12/2018 15:51

I have the V8 Animal and I love it. I have 4 DC and 2 dogs in small 4 bed house.

I tend to vacuum more often but it's so easy to hang up on charge I don't mind. I just do a quick run around once a day downstairs during the week and a couple of times a day at weekends. Then I do upstairs every couple of days once.

ShalomJackie · 19/12/2018 15:54

Should have got a shark. They come eith 2 batteries so one charging while one in use!

PaulHollywoodsleftbollockhair · 19/12/2018 15:55

Fucking hate mine. Clogging bastard that you have to root around with a knife to free up then when you flip the cylinder open crap goes everywhere.Won’t hoover anything the above the size of a cheerio either.

Piece of shit has been consigned to the cupboard and my old school Miele cylinder one used instead.

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