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Am 1 paycheque away from food bank. WTF do I make with 500grams of soft and plump’ apricots?

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Foofloofah · 02/10/2018 21:45

Ideas on a postcard please. Kids want dessert and I just don’t know what to do! Yes have googled etc just need ideas, links and recipes. Kids eat well but can’t go MasterChef on them x

OP posts:
Broken11Girl · 03/10/2018 11:51

Apricot jam, mmmmmm I want some on toast now! You'd need 100g sugar for that amount of fruit, just peel and chop apricots, add sugar, add a dash of lemon juice if you have it or want to buy a lemon but not essential, and simmer until it looks like jam - 10 mins ish depending.
You could always make apricot Victoria sponge with said jam, if you can borrow eggs and have or can borrow butter as well, and ideally vanilla essence but again not essential.

noeffingidea · 03/10/2018 13:00

No money for food. Three weeks before we get paid
Ok, well, there's plenty of other things you can do before you need a foodbank, and in any case you usually only get a couple of days supply from a foodbank.
Go through your food cupboards and freezer and write everything you have. See what meals you can come up with, there are plenty of blogs that can help you there. Jack Monroe's blog ( is a pretty good one. There are quite a few threads on here with low budget meals if you do a search.
See if you have any nectar points, or similar, (Tesco comes to mind).
See if you can raise any cash quickly. Perhaps selling things you don't need. (expensive unused sports equipment comes to mind).

LilyMumsnet · 03/10/2018 17:34

Hi all

We're just popping by to ask everyone to remember that not everyone on the internet is who they say they are – and remind folk not to give more to another poster, either financially (in cash or gifts) or emotionally (in time or care and support) than they'd be prepared to lose if things went wrong.

Sorry to hijack your thread briefly there, OP – we really hope you get it all sorted soon.

Foofloofah · 03/10/2018 19:55

No thanks it’s ok. I think people are reading my previous thread where my partner is a shopaholic and went through a phase of buying extremely expensive sports gear with the intent to start said sports but never did hence I am selling them. But this was in the past not the present. I am sorry if I consfused anyone. He still over spends now but it’s less than what it was but still a major problem, as with anything it’s an addiction and needs professional help not me dumping him or shouting at him ect. That’s not helpful nor realistic. If the shoe was on the other foot he wouldn’t do this to me. He is blind to his addiction and the effects (affects?) it has. Like any other addict. They just don’t want to and/or can see it.

OP posts:
PartAnd · 03/10/2018 20:14

Can your parents or in-laws help you out. Perhaps in lieu of Christmas presents.

KTheGrey · 03/10/2018 20:32

GP or Citizens Advice will refer to the Trussell Trust - or you get your local one's Tel no. from the website & ring them & they'll talk you through it. has loads of recipes & everything costed as well. Chin up stay strong eat those apricots xx

Foofloofah · 03/10/2018 20:58

Thanks everyone. I will speak to my GP but am seriously embarrassed. But the links to the eating on a string budget websites are something I can do ASAP. I think flapjacks (making them with the kids help) would be easy as I have the ingredients and it will be fun for them as is the idea of Apricot Jam. The kids will love doing that and eating it. Thanks everyone I am not lazy just totally lost in a sense of panic.
Yes I have gotten in touch with my mum and explained that things are really, really bad right now and she doesn’t like my OH at all (long story, not all bad just no one is good enough for me and so on), and she is sending me some money to get us to the next pay cheque. She didn’t quibble or lecture me but I know she was mad. What can you do? Next month I will ask his mum for some money for bills and I know she would just send it in a heartbeat as she is embarrassed for her sons lack of economic stringency. This really sucks. I am so freaking ashamed. I owe my kids school £20 for a club. Just want to get back on my feet. I am applying for jobs to fit around the kids hours. Fingers crossed. I know things will eventually get better but a lot has to be done to get there.

OP posts:
noeffingidea · 04/10/2018 11:13

If you still want suggestions for puddings, my Mum used to make rice pudding for us (7 in our family with hardly any money), I've heard that the basic rice works well for this instead of using the more expensive pudding rice. Also evaporated milk works well in rice pudding and other pudding recipes.
Also my Mum used to make her own pastry, out of flour and fat (lard, butter, margarin, trex, or even vegetable oil all work) and make a pie out of a small amount of meat, or pasties with things like cheese and onion and a bit of potato.
Good luck with finding a job. Also is very helpful with financial advice and budgeting.

whatnametouse · 04/10/2018 11:20

Apricot scones -normal scone recipe (Scottish one so no egg). Chop apricots in and mix through.

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