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Any carpet cleaning experts?

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TimesNewRoman · 28/07/2018 20:13

We now have some large coloured crayon lines right in the middle of my cream carpet Shock

Have a small off cut of same carpet and we have recreated the marks and tried Vanish carpet spray - didn't work
Iron and cloth - didn't work and melted the carpet
50/50 bleach and water - has faded it slightly but you can still see it.

Please can anyone suggest something? What would a professional use? Can it be saved at all?

OP posts:
TimesNewRoman · 28/07/2018 20:15

It's not a wool carpet btw. Bleach cleanable, so polypropylene I think.

OP posts:
UpstartCrow · 28/07/2018 20:17

Crayons are oil based so try mayonnaise on your test patch, then clean that off with soap.

cunningartificer · 28/07/2018 20:45

Fairy liquid is your friend here. No other washing up liquid works, but scrub with fairy and it’ll loosen the stain beautifully. It’s worked on everything I’ve ever tried it on (on advice from an industrial chemist)!

Amanduh · 28/07/2018 20:56

Yep we did washing up liquid, and then vax cleaning solution with a good scrub

TopSecretSquirrel · 28/07/2018 21:02

Rug Doctor Spot and Stain remover (Homebase stock it). My husband has a carpet cleaning business and that’s what he’d use.

CSIblonde · 28/07/2018 21:04

What Cunning said. Fairy liquid scrubbed into stain then cold water rinse off. Gets just about any stain off anything

TimesNewRoman · 28/07/2018 22:28

Thanks everyone. Best result was the fairy over the bit I had previously done with bleach.
Going to buy the rug doctor stuff tomorrow.
They are big lines so definitely going to need some serious elbow grease 💪🏼

OP posts:
soloula · 28/07/2018 22:37

I use ace bleach on all carpet stains and it does the job great.

thesockgap · 28/07/2018 22:38

WD-40 is fabulous at getting crayon stains out of carpet 👌

welshmist · 28/07/2018 22:39

Someone on here suggested shaving foam once. No idea if it works.

MissMisery · 29/07/2018 12:34

Another vote for fairy liquid here. Amazing stuff on carpets... I use it in our vax carpet cleaner.

TimesNewRoman · 30/07/2018 20:53

Just incase anyone has found this post with a crayon carpet emergency.

I got it out. I used WD40 first then the Rug Doctor spot and stain remover. Lots of scrubbing and blotting and it's away.

Thanks everyone who replied.

OP posts:
welshmist · 31/07/2018 18:25

Used a rental carpet cleaner today, mostly a success. The jar of olives son dropped on a cream carpet is going to need a little more work. Angry

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