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To ask if you've ever been caught out?

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Handsoffmysweets · 29/07/2015 19:49

Not really an AIBU but I've been looking at some of these threads and I just wondered whether any of you have ever been caught out with a thread or comment on MN?

Recent threads on here have been very descriptive about certain situations (think BM thread for one) and I just can't believe that friends or relatives don't come on here and identify themselves in some of these posts!

Have you ever been 'outed' or do you live in hope that your friends and family don't share our love of MN?

OP posts:

Hassled · 29/07/2015 19:51

No - at least if someone's spotted me, they've said nothing.
I think most people would have the sense to namechange for something outable like that - so if you're caught out, you're only caught out under that particular name.


Handsoffmysweets · 29/07/2015 19:58

I see what you're saying Hassled, just for instance in the Bridesmaid thread, the OP has not been chosen to be a BM but her 3 friends from childhood have. She was very specific about certain events so whether she namechanged or not, I would have thought one of them would have read it and thought 'um that sounds like us'. Just intrigued really to see whether anyone has found themselves in that situation.

OP posts:

pickingstrawberries · 29/07/2015 20:10

Yes I am always outed, I have at least two people I used to be friends with on here and they always recognise me. So does dh which can be embarrassing.


Hassled · 29/07/2015 20:16

But in the bridesmaid thread it may actually have helped her out if the other friends could read how she was feeling. Sometimes (I don't mean specifically that thread) I do wonder if the OP is hoping that the bitch at the school gates/horrible SIL/person at soft-play does read about themselves.

Years and years ago someone moaned about the behaviour of some women and their feral kids at a Pizza Express - there was noise, there was mess, there was an unacceptable level of DC running about etc etc. And I think there was no tip. Anyway, one of the women recognised the account, posted on the thread and was really very cross about how she'd been portrayed :o.


cakedcrusader · 29/07/2015 20:38

I have never been spotted to my knowledge but it is a fear of mine and the thing that stops me posting about things that happen to me since the coffeedog/pirate party fiasco!


Handsoffmysweets · 29/07/2015 20:47

The coffeedog/pirate party? Please share Caked!

OP posts:

cakedcrusader · 29/07/2015 21:13

It was a while ago now, maybe 2 years ish. Someone called coffeedog posted on here that she was really pissed off about the mother of a little boy invited to her dd's birthday party who was planning to bring a cake along for her son whose birthday was around the same time. Then she basically hijacked the party, told people it was a joint party (that she was paying nothing towards) and was generally being a cheeky bitch and a pita. Looong thread on here with lots of suggestions on how to tell her to get fucked etc and then another thread appeared from a poster called clumsyoaf claiming to be the other mother with a totally different version of events. Lots of awkwardness and then coffeedog just vanished! I don't think it was ever established whether clumsyoaf really was the other mum or just someone winding coffeedog up but it scared me enough to never slag anyone off on here!


cakedcrusader · 30/07/2015 00:11

I killed the thread Sad Grin

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