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To tell my in laws that the weekend away they have booked for DH & I is just too far away?

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Turniphead1 · 08/04/2013 18:35

DH & I just had a significant birthday. His sis and DM and other sibs clubbed together to send us to a beautiful boutique hotel in Pembrokeshire. SIL & BIL coming to look after our 2 kids. So kind & thoughtful.

Except ... Of the two days we would spend about 10-11 hours travelling. And we'd probably have to drive ( the train is doable but involves two connections with little room for manouvre on way back ).

It's just not a distance (240 miles) I'd ever consider travelling for a weekend away. We live the wrong side of London for the M4 and could spend 2 hrs just getting as far as Heathrow on a Friday arvo. Same issue in the way back.

SIL chose this place as they have been to it & loved it. But they live a lot closer. She has even chosen us a particular room Sad. But the more we look into the logistics the more we think that the good will be taken out of it by all that travelling.

There's still time for them to cancel & we could book something else within 2-3 hours of here. But how to do it without causing offence. Or should we just suck it up?

OP posts:

Turniphead1 · 08/04/2013 18:36

DH and me, that is.

OP posts:

Sugarice · 08/04/2013 18:38

I would really lay it on thick how grateful you both are but the 10 hours travel Shock means you may not have time to appreciate how lovely it is.

Is SiL of an easily offended nature?


tripecity · 08/04/2013 18:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thebody · 08/04/2013 18:39

Gosh so difficult. They probably have no idea of the time it takes driving out of London on a Friday.

Still it's a lovely gesture so if if was me I would just do it.

Can you set off earlier, book the afternoon off or something?


kerala · 08/04/2013 18:39

Madness. We live in Bath and wouldnt go to Pembrokeshire for the weekend.


flaminhoopsaloolah · 08/04/2013 18:42

Oh dear...are they easily offended? If they are could you swap it without telling them to somewhere more local than you?


Callisto · 08/04/2013 18:43

Can you not break the journey? Go on Thurs and spend the night somewhere en route, and do the same on the way back? I actually think you are being U, and I doubt they will get their money back.


TeamEdward · 08/04/2013 18:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

trinity0097 · 08/04/2013 18:45

I cannot believe that it would really take you 10 hours. Max 2 hours to heathrow you mentioned, max 2 hrs to Newport crossing, then 2-3 hrs further into Wales on the m4 most of the way. You are being unreasonable.


badguider · 08/04/2013 18:47

It's probably not that expensive to pick up a car hire in Cardiff or somewhere you can get to easily and quickly by train...

A small car for two days can be less than £50 if you get a good deal.


TigerSwallowtail · 08/04/2013 18:47

Is the hotel part of a chain so you could swap the location?


BabyDubsEverywhere · 08/04/2013 18:48

I'd just go.
Its a 10 hour drive but with no dc in the car so can stop/not stop as you like, pull over half way for a pub lunch or something.
Sounds bliss!


TigerSwallowtail · 08/04/2013 18:48

Are you sure it would take 10 hours? I live in Glasgow and travelled by car to Pembrookshire last year, I'm sure it didn't even take me that long.


Coconutty · 08/04/2013 18:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BabyDubsEverywhere · 08/04/2013 18:50

Aha - do you mean 10 hours total there and back? In which case I would still go!


EuroShaggleton · 08/04/2013 18:51

I'd take the train and go. It's a lovely idea.

Driving out of London on a Friday can be a nightmare though.


PickledInAPearTree · 08/04/2013 18:53

Train to Cardiff and hire a car sounds sensible.

I would go, it will be lovely and Wales is gods country.


SamuelWestsMistress · 08/04/2013 18:53

Hmmm. I live in the NE of Scotland and my husband has driven as far as Cambridge and back in a day!! I've driven to Edinburg, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle etc for the weekend numerous times! 240 miles isn't that far to be honest, but you don't sound willing to give it a go. What a shame!


Sugarice · 08/04/2013 18:53

Pembroke is gorgeous, I'd love to be there now.

Do you want to go, are you pissed off you didn't get a say in the matter?


Turniphead1 · 08/04/2013 18:54

5-6 hours each way. Fine for long weekend - but not for Friday to Sunday. I'd be doing all the driving.

Callisto - they wouldn't lose their money, no. There is a 5 day cancellation policy.

I am liking the idea of train to Cardiff & car hire thereafter. That's helpful.

OP posts:

goodygumdrops · 08/04/2013 18:54

10 hrs? Are you sure? YABU its a lovely gift, enjoy it!


Yama · 08/04/2013 18:54

I'd go. Two 5 hour journeys with no kids in the car? Actually getting to chat to dh? Listen to good music? Yes please.


goodygumdrops · 08/04/2013 18:55

Oh I see 5 each way. I still think you should go for it ...


hf128219 · 08/04/2013 18:55

Blimey, I drive 450 miles for a weekend!


ihearsounds · 08/04/2013 18:56

4 hours isn't really that long to drive though.

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