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Help with Nutramigen

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exhaustednurse · 12/05/2010 20:13

Also posted in Breast and Bottle feeding.

DS is 21 weeks and has been prescribed Nutramigen for cows milk allergy. He was previously on Soy formula which has only been changed today at my insistence due to my concerns of exposure to soya and oestrogen from such a small age.

However, he has refused to take the Nutramigen at all this evening. He was drinking Wysoy fairly well, but is also very constipated with it.

Has anyone else had problems with getting their baby to take Nutramigen? Any handy hints would be gratefully received!

OP posts:
ronshar · 12/05/2010 20:19

I couldnt get my ds to drink it at all. Even the new formula was really gross. Have you tried it?
There is another prescription formula, I cant remember its name. Someone with come along soon I'm sure.

Sorry, no help but I wanted to answer so you know you arent on your own.

KiddingAnxiously · 12/05/2010 21:18

My DD is on Neocate which is prescription. It is also absolutely disgusting.

DD went on it after she was hospitalised after a virus, but the consultant suspected an allergy due to other factors. this was confirmed by blood testing.

DD hadn't had normal formula for a day or so and maybe this is why she took to it so easily. The consultant did say that if she did refuse it, we would just have to persevere until she drunk it.

I have heard of some people mixing things into it to make it more palatable but this wasn't advised.

I think in one of the brands you can get flavoured? Again not sure of details.

Hope you manage to solve it.

Lima1 · 13/05/2010 13:23

Hi my DS was also put on Nutramigen for CMP but would only drink an oz after up to an hour of persevering. In the end i mixed it half and half with breastmilk so get him drinking some but he still hated it.

He was then out on Neocate as the Nutramigen wasnt making much of a difference (it still have some milk proteins in it) and he drank the Neocate no problems.

lukewarmcupoftea · 14/05/2010 14:53

I weaned DD1 from EBM to Nutramigen by mixing 1/10th in for a few days, then 2/10ths etc etc. Took about 2 weeks, but had no problems along the way and she loved it when she was drinking it (foul stuff that it is). Did the same with moving her on, eventually, to soya milk. Now she tastes DD2's Nutramigen and declares it 'yucky' - its just what you're used to, so introduce it gradually and you should have more luck hopefully.

Skefton · 15/05/2010 00:28

My now 18mth daughter was on Nutramigen for a short while but it didn't suit her. She didn't like taking it either and as such she moved onto Neocate LCP. She is now on Neocate advance. HOWEVER I was advised to initially do a "mix" with EBM or the formula we were using on instruction from midwife (refused this as was cows milk formula) which I tried but didn't make any easier hence the total swap. Neocate is easier digested too although expect smelly nappies!!!!

OkieCokie · 17/05/2010 14:04

I had the same issue and we did not succeed with Nutramigen, it is pretty foul. I tried mixing it and introducing it gradually but it also made my LO sick. After some serious vomitting we were prescribed Neocate and have not looked back since. Good luck!

exhaustednurse · 19/05/2010 17:48

Thank you for all your replies.

DS suddenly seems to like the stuff, so that's a blessing. Seems to be making him fairly sick after each feed, although it does seems rather a watery feed so maybe it's difficult to keep down for him.

However, his eczema is a thousand times better and finally has nice wet, dirty nappies again. So, all in all we are winning.

Thank you again.

OP posts:
lukewarmcupoftea · 19/05/2010 20:10

Sounds good, although if he's still being sick it might bf worth trying neocate instead. Nutramigen still has minute traces of cows milk protein, whereas neocate is (I think) completely artificial. Hope that helps...

Hibou · 22/05/2010 22:29

I found that one tiny drop of vanilla essence was the key to making nutramgin palatable (using the purest form possible). The nutramigen 2 is more palatable but I still have to use the vanilla. I also found that once my DD had started weaning and her tastebuds increased it became more acceptable (ironically). I have never been successful in using it for cooking or mixing with cereals though as this is flatly refused. Instead I now use oat milk on cereals and coconut milk to add variety in cooking.... so far so good

csqm · 25/05/2010 00:49

My son took Neocate LCP better than Nutramigen. Also, to note I was advised to change as apparently Neocate is the only true hypoallergenic formula out there. However, my son only drinks a bit of it really as he is not too fond of it and the only way to make him have it in proper doses was to mix it with baby rice!! I would however have a go at the vanilla essence as suggested by other mums (it was also suggested by my son's dietitian). Good luck!

Maggie198 · 31/05/2010 14:45

My dietician advised adding milk shake powder, we used Nestles Strawberry. I also used the fruit puree pots, just mixed 25% fruit puree in with the milk to give it a fruity flavour.

laylaapril · 07/06/2010 20:13

My son was on Pregestimil at 5 weeks for cows milk protein allergy, this was fine but as it's pre-digested he was feeding every 2 hours, so dietician suggested he move onto Nutramigen which has a different fat content which would satisfy for longer...this did work, however after a while he became very sickly and vomitting intermittently each day for about 6 weeks. We were then given Infant Gaviscon, but he struggled to get it out of the bottle, and then for a short while the sickiness stopped so I saw no reason to give him the Gaviscon. However it re-started again about a week later (around 20 weeks at this point) and we were told to try Neocate, which we did but it gave him terrible wind resulting in colic type symptoms. So back to Pregestimil and infant Gaviscon. It has seemed to help so far this afternoon...but I don't think we have got to the bottom of the problem really, we just keep trying different things on advice of docs, but no-one really seems to know what;s going on...just a case of trial and error with different formulas.
Just wondering if anyone else has had issues with vomitting on Nutramigen and wind with Neocate?

Lima1 · 09/06/2010 13:31

laylaapril, my ds wasnt vomiting on nutramigen but he was posseting a lot and he wold never normally posset even a tiny bit. I think it is a watery formula. I bought Carobel - a thickener to add to it in the hopes of him keeping it down but before i got to use it he was changed to Neocate.
The neocate gave him wind initially but after a couple of days it went. He is on Neocate 4 months now and is doing great on it.
AFAIK if you add a thickener such as carobel or gaviscon you need a faster flowing teat as the milk is thicker.

Comma2 · 23/07/2010 17:27

My dd 8 mths doesn't like Nutramigen either, she gags if I get even a drop into her. I think it's the only hypo formula my insurance helps paying for, so have to stick with it. I'll try the vanilla. Already tried sugar (shame) to no avail. It tastes like bad cabbage, doesn't it? Yuck.

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