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just a rambling.

Runrunrudolf · 09/09/2018 10:29

So I'm aware this isn't something that people can help with as it is really messed up at the moment.

My DF is an alcoholic has been since he married my DM at 18.
He quit for a few years in my childhood but he has since started again, its gotten so bad he was bedridden from convulsions, low blood pressure, and jaundice because of his liver.
Our GP was no help despite my mum constantly pushing him up 3 (he's in a wheelchair a neighbour lent them otherwise he wouldn't have one, thanks A and E....)
Eventually she got an appointment with a different GP who sent him to hospital and said if he left it a week he'd be dead.
They detoxed him made sure he could eat and drink and now he's right back on my DM's sofa becoming a part of the furniture.

The real problem here is the lack of information my DM has received, hospital discharged him with medication, told her it was alcoholic hepatitis and that's it.
She works as a cleaner part time but does overtime most weeks she don't get a day off. and her and my DB are babysitting him because he's incapable of doing so.
He's a big child who won't do what you say and to make matters worse he's gone yellow again but he doesn't want to believe it because "hospital was so lonely" "I can't get jaundice anymore I don't drink! "

he's ruined every year of my DM's life and this is definitely the most he has ever.
I'm really disappointed with our surgery and the hospital for a lack of info
He's definitely going to die at some point but I would rather that not be on my DMs sofa!
Sorry everyone Sad I do feel a little better now though x

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