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Steam mops- are they any good?

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fatbottomgirl67 · 04/01/2024 21:41

We have dogs, cats and kids, live on a farm and am struggling with the state of my slate kitchen floor. Like the idea of a steam mop but are they any good ? Are they up to a proper filthy floors or should i stick with the mop and bucket?

OP posts:
ISaySteadyOn · 04/01/2024 21:51

I love it.

ohsoso · 04/01/2024 21:52

Love ours!!! So much cleaner and less hassle than a mop and bucket

Cheeesus · 04/01/2024 21:54

They are good! They are really good at drying quickly too.

We have this one, which pumps steam out as you push it, so there’s no motor to break. It’s lasted aged.

LessonsLearnedInLife · 04/01/2024 21:54

We have an air craft mop, we absolutely love it. It’s this one. We’re on a farm too and this does the job as it’s got lots of different pads for the bottom. I have slate floors in the kitchen and a mix of wooden and tiled in other rooms, it’s great for all of them.

HappiestSleeping · 04/01/2024 22:08

I have a steamer with a mop attachment and it is excellent. Wife finds that too much of a faff, so bought a dedicated steam mop and she loves it. I concede that hers is more convenient, whereas mine is more versatile.

vipersnest1 · 04/01/2024 22:15

They're good, but if you're likely to use it fairly frequently, I'd advise you to buy extra bonnets for it.

BigBundleOfFluff · 04/01/2024 22:22

I debated this for ages and finally got the karcher one in a sale. It's brilliant.
If you are getting one, read the reviews carefully. You want one that you can add water too continuously and not have to switch it off first. Buy extra mop bits as you get a bit obsessive the first few times you use it and I use all the accessories that came with mine.

Passthecake30 · 04/01/2024 22:24

We have a karcher, it’s fab. We’ve got a good few cloths that we wash and reuse after every clean, I guess if your floor is very large and very dirty you might need to change half way?

MogTheMoogle · 04/01/2024 22:24

Perhaps because I have a cheap basic one, it might be a bit different...

But I find its good for quick mops, where it dries quickly and it isn't too dirty. But if you're a slattern like me not one to mop often, I find the floor still benefits from a 'proper mop'.

Likely you'll still need to mop for spills etc.

Netaporter · 04/01/2024 22:27

I have a massive dog and white floors. I use mine a lot 😂 would recommend the shark one, deffo get extra mop heads and always use deionised water if you want any steam mop to last longer than the warranty on it. Tesco does the cheapest water sold by the gallon (ish) in their ‘car maintenance’ section. They can cope with properly muddy floors, has a stubborn steam jet shot to remove ground in dirt and even better, mop heads are double-sided.

fatbottomgirl67 · 05/01/2024 07:29

Thanks everyone. I was worried they would just smear the dirt around, but it sounds like they are more efficient than I thought
I will definitely invest in one

OP posts:
newnamethanks · 05/01/2024 07:34

A massive dog and white floors? I feel quite faint at the thought of it. Good luck. Wouldn't be without my steam mop.

Bs0u416d · 05/01/2024 07:41

We have an Eufy Mach V1 ultra abs it's great but was £750 😭. Cordless, self cleaning at the end of use and collects dirty water in a reservoir so it's more of a combined vac/mop/steamer

Theoldwoman · 05/01/2024 07:42

I love mine.
I use it every day.
I have a Hoover.

Netaporter · 05/01/2024 07:56

@newnamethanks the floors were there first and came before the inevitable ’mummeeee pleeeeease can we have a dog?, I’ll love it and pet it and walk it and feed it’

Fast forward several years and both keeping the fecking floors clean and doing everything for the sodding dog appears to only be a mummy problem…. 🙄

Netaporter · 05/01/2024 07:58

@fatbottomgirl67 you do to have to hoover before a steam mop session, especially if dog hair is involved.

TheProblemBlob · 05/01/2024 08:14

What does a steam mop do that a normal mop doesn’t? I like the look of that airmop but that cleans without heat.

Netaporter · 05/01/2024 08:17

@TheProblemBlob no need for any chemicals to clean, so great if you have a crawling baby or pets or allergies and bacteria is nuked by the steam. No need to schlep about with a bucket or fill one up so better if you have mobility issues surrounding lifting weight, no stinky mop heads, storage is easier.

BertieBotts · 05/01/2024 08:20

I don't get the hype TBH. I bought one but I still have to use some kind of detergent - it does work well with spraying the floor, then using the mop to go over where the spray is - but I can't clean the floor with water alone like they claim.

It's heavy and has to be plugged in. I thought I would be able to use it to steam-clean carpets and upholstery but it doesn't actually have that function. This is probably my fault for buying the wrong kind.

It is probably a bit less annoying than filling a bucket with water etc but I think I got just as good of a clean when I used to fill the bucket with boiling water.

I am too lazy to use the proper distilled water in it so it is likely going to clog up with limescale at some point.

BertieBotts · 05/01/2024 08:21

I have also heard that they damage most types of floor over time even things like tile - they damage the grout apparently.

LadyDaisy42 · 05/01/2024 08:22

I really like mine, quick and easy to use, you're not sloshing as much water on the floor so it dries really quickly. I think it definitely feels cleaner underfoot than with just the mop alone. I know you don't need to (and it's not recommended by the manufacturer, so it's at your own risk!) but I add a tiny spot of zoflora, just for some scent and extra helping of disinfectant.

Netaporter · 05/01/2024 09:25

@BertieBotts I have had a fully tiled ground floor for over 10y, it’s never been an issue for the tiles or the grout. Some steam mops come with handheld accessories you can use to steam upholstery etc.

TheProblemBlob · 05/01/2024 09:27

Netaporter · 05/01/2024 08:17

@TheProblemBlob no need for any chemicals to clean, so great if you have a crawling baby or pets or allergies and bacteria is nuked by the steam. No need to schlep about with a bucket or fill one up so better if you have mobility issues surrounding lifting weight, no stinky mop heads, storage is easier.

Ah, I see. Didn't realise you used them without detergent.

Lifeomars · 05/01/2024 11:16

I love my steam mop, if it broke I would replace it immediately. I have vinyl flooring in my kitchen diner and my bathroom and they come up beautifully, rarely need to use cleaning fluid, the steam shifts any grime and the floors dry very quickly. Mine is a Vax and the steam bit detaches and you can use it to clean the oven, and the sinks and I find it very useful when I am defrosting the freezer to quickly blast clumps of ice off the pipes.

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