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Recommend me a vacuum cleaner

34 replies

NCTDN · 25/07/2023 14:15

Got to be the most boring party ever I know, but what make would you recommend? Our Dyson had stopped working though prob15 years old.
We've got wood floors and carpet.

OP posts:
Abhannmor · 25/07/2023 14:43

Henry is a reliable hoover. Bit of a weight but powerful!

TheFutureIs · 25/07/2023 14:45

I've just swapped from Dyson to Shark, I'm impressed so far, and will defo be easier to clean all the filters

Pkhsvd · 25/07/2023 14:49

We got a Miele one after I did a lot of research on shark, Henry hoover and Dyson. Very happy with it although I bought two heads for it, one for our hard floor and one for the carpet and that made it better

flipent · 25/07/2023 14:50

Shark 100%. Best I've ever used. The anti hair wrap is amazing! It is so easy to empty. I've got a corded, pet and anti hair wrap. RRP £350, but I paid £200 - they are often on offer so don't over pay.

I had a Henry - awful if anyone in the house has hair.
Had a dyson cordless, which is ok, but still have issues with hair getting tangled in the main attachment. Its also a pain to empty.

NCTDN · 25/07/2023 16:10

Shark is the one I'm thinking atm. Are they all cordless? I've not looked on the website yet.

OP posts:
flipent · 25/07/2023 16:14

No, Shark have corded or cordless.
I have corded because I don't want the battery stopping me when I'm half way through! It has a lift away function though, so you can just take the main suction compartment with you and the 'wand' if you're doing stairs or edges.

NCTDN · 25/07/2023 16:22

That sounds a good idea.

OP posts:
Mummysalwaysright · 25/07/2023 16:39

We have a Henry. They are the only UK made vacuums you can get, and they are nice and reliable.

As a PP said, he can be a bit heavy sometimes. I think they do a cordless now.

A34 · 25/07/2023 16:59

I've just bought the Shark Stratos cordless and am very pleased with it. It is a full-sized and hand-held in one, and surprisingly powerful.

dogsweetdog · 25/07/2023 20:38

My shark is shite.

Sandals94 · 25/07/2023 21:17

I think I've had them all at one point or another but can say hand on heart the best by a long way is the trusty Henry.
Don't fall for these cordless ones- utter tripe, lose power quick, hardly any suction, constantly stop working etc!

Sandals94 · 25/07/2023 21:18

dogsweetdog · 25/07/2023 20:38

My shark is shite.

So was mine!! Never again. Such a waste of 💰

cocksstrideintheevening · 25/07/2023 21:19

Vax blade we've got the pet version. Way better than my Dyson ever was.

MMMMMaria · 25/07/2023 21:19

Had Dyson for years but then as they got worse I decided to try Miele and it is so much better! Highly recommend it.

chocciebiscuits · 25/07/2023 21:20

Vax blade 4, can't fault it. Had a Dyson and it only lasted 2yrs and the customer service was rubbish with it. Got this vax 1 yr ago, had a problem with the floor head last wk and they sent me a new one free of charge within 18hrs, v impressed

Vinniepolis · 25/07/2023 21:23

I have a cordless shark after having a cordless dyson (where the battery packed up). I like some of the shark features more than the dyson (folding down), but the dyson attachments were better for doing the stairs imo.

BreadInCaptivity · 25/07/2023 21:29

I had cordless Dyson's for years, but after the 4th packed up I lost patience and switched to Shark (also cordless).

Wish I'd done it years ago.

Much better suction, easier to manoeuvre (especially the hinge that allows you to vacuum under sofa's/beds), plus a light so you can see what you are doing in darker spots.

Wouldn't go back to Dyson.

decaffonlypls · 25/07/2023 21:41

Henry 💯
Definitely not shark and dyson is overpriced imo

cocunut · 25/07/2023 21:52

My Vax sucks.

cocunut · 25/07/2023 21:52

cocunut · 25/07/2023 21:52

My Vax sucks.

no pun intended. it is genuinely a shit Hoover

UselessAtPacking · 25/07/2023 21:56

Shark. Amazing. I had Henry prior. Heavy to get upstairs. Gets stuck on corners.
1st time i used shark the box was full! I had hoovered that morn with Henry.
Its brilliant

Finallybreathe · 25/07/2023 21:57
SchoolShenanigans · 25/07/2023 21:58

We have a sebo, it's excellent. Previous shark was crap after 6 months.

Sprig1 · 25/07/2023 22:05

Henry, no contest.

Hocuspocus99 · 25/07/2023 22:11

Sebo everyday all day ! Shark poor, looks impressive to start but slowly dies a death. Every cordless cleaner temperamental , constantly watching how long charge has , blockages etc . Only ideal if your house is spotless and small . Henry great on hard floors , not so good on carpets as one poster said awful if lots of hair . Miele also good , but cord small.

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