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I am exhausted with anxiety over this, please can anyone help?

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pressSende · 26/06/2023 07:32

There’s been a couple of accidents in the house where dc has actually trodden poo into the carpet in places, maybe a pound coin size in a few places. Obviously I use a wet wipe to remove and get rid of the staining and then hoover but I keep thinking the bacteria is still there isn’t it?! I worry about younger baby crawling over it, having mouth on the floor etc etc.

Please can anyone just tell me how anxious they would be about this and what they would do? I am having treatment for my anxiety so please don’t tell me I am awful for not dealing with it because I am. I assume this sort of this happens in other households with young children, what do you do and how worried would you be about baby on the floor?

OP posts:
OhFGSwhatTFnow · 26/06/2023 07:34

Do you use a baby wet wipe or an antibacterial one?

I have cats that occasionally puke when they have hairballs. I use an antibacterial wipe to clean the area.

Quveas · 26/06/2023 07:36

I think you are being overly anxious, but if it worries you, why not get a "pet carpet shampoo / spray" that breaks down enzymes? Poo is poo - whether from pets or humans. Make sure baby stays away from the area until it is dry.

KateyCuckoo · 26/06/2023 07:37

I would probably clean it with something a bit more heavy duty than a wet wipe but after that, wouldn't give it further thought. I'd probably also try and mitigate the reasons why you are having poo trodden in to your carpets in the first place..

pressSende · 26/06/2023 07:39

To clarify it only happened once but it was trodden around on that occasion! What would you use @KateyCuckoo ? I worry about what to even put on it at all and I’m not letting baby on carpet now which is very stressful

OP posts:
Random789 · 26/06/2023 07:40

Hi OP. I think you have cleaned these little accidents up adequately and if there was any residual bacteria it would have gone within a short while - or just become part of the 'ordinary' background level of grot in the carpet. I don't think your baby is at risk and I don't think that you have been 'at fault' or unhygenic.
The whole way in which you describe the situation does make it seem like the anxiety is the product of your anxious personality rather than of any real hazard or failure in the home. So I think you should just carry on seeking to detach from it, with self-compassion xxx

pressSende · 26/06/2023 07:42

@Random789 thank you for being so kind. I keep thinking what if it goes in their mouth etc etc, but then I don’t know how else to clean it up! There’s none visible but I know the area it’s in and it makes me avoid it which I know sounds crazy. I then worry the hoover is dirty and so it goes on

OP posts:
morelippy · 26/06/2023 07:42

I would spray the patch with something like dettox spray, or even kitchen or bathroom spray. One of the 'kills all bacteria and virus' ones (but be careful not a bleach one). Soak up the excess with kitchen roll and then forget it.

OP I hope you're ok and getting some help. Your baby will be fine x

Random789 · 26/06/2023 07:47

You poor soul. Your anxiety does sound so exhausting. And of course exhaustion makes us less able to resist anxious rumination, so it becomes almost self-reinforcing. Babies are resiliant little creatures. THey can handle a bit of ordinary household grubbiness. And in fact it is good and healthy and natural for them to be exposed to the normal range of background bacteria.

If it is possible (and im sure it is hard to arrange this) give yourself as much rest and opportunities for relaxation as you can. It is easier to shake off anxious rumination when you are rested, xxx

Cantstaystuckforever · 26/06/2023 07:49

We've never have these accidents, because we don't have shoes in the house (and this is despite being relatively relaxed on the no shoes things, so plenty of visitors and tradespeople have come in with them). I'd just go with that. If it happens again, hot water and fairy liquid are probably a bit more thorough than a wet wipe, and/or carpet cleaner.

More importantly though, it's so great that you're getting support for your anxiety, because as you've suspected, this really isn't a healthy or typical reaction. We all do our best to protect crawling babies from grim or dangerous things, but they inevitably do encounter all sorts of bacteria-ridden stuff, and this is not all bad for them either. It's really critical that the baby gets to explore and have a relaxed mother, you're clearly very caring and diligent, you'll climb this mountain - good luck with your treatment.

hited · 26/06/2023 07:49

I have to admit I have all hard floors in the house because of this! I think I'd want to give it a good scrub.

I always let my toddler crawl around in places like library, stay and play, and I'm sure they've had their share of accidents. My dc puts all sorts in her mouth before I can manage to stop her now!

Calloffruity · 26/06/2023 07:51

Make him take his shoes off at the door!

inappropriateraspberry · 26/06/2023 07:51

Get some vanish carpet & upholstery cleaner. It sprays a foam out, scrub it, leave it dry then vacuum.
But honestly, your baby will be in contact with so many germs I wouldn't worry too much.
As long as they're not picking up poo and eating it it'll be fine!

bobby81 · 26/06/2023 07:52

This really wouldn't bother me at all. I'm so sorry that you're struggling with anxiety, it must be so difficult & I'm glad you're seeking help. Try to remember that it's good for little ones to be exposed to germs. A good friend of mine is a farmer & I'm pretty sure all her kids were exposed to several different kinds of poo germs on a daily basis when they were little! All turned out fine. Sorry if that's not helpful - I don't have much experience of this kind of anxiety. Hope you're feeling better soon x

planthelpadvice · 26/06/2023 07:59

@Cantstaystuckforever I get the impression that the poo came from a child rather than from outside the house.

I think that the carpet is fine for your baby to crawl on and it is, as you have already identified, your anxiety causing you to worry so much. It's good you're getting help - anxiety is the worst.

Anyway - you could buy some carpet cleaner - the Dr Beckmann one is very good - and give the areas you are worried about a good scrub.

Carpet Stain Remover 650ml - Dr. Beckmann

Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover for home, car & upholstery

pressSende · 26/06/2023 08:00

Yes sorry it was the child’s own poo that they trod in before I could get to them and I am particularly worried about the baby now crawling over those same spots on the floor.

OP posts:
pressSende · 26/06/2023 08:00

Thank you for the kind posts

OP posts:
pressSende · 26/06/2023 08:01

@planthelpadvice is that cleaner ok for babies? I actually have that in the cupboard, it says more for stains and not that it gets rid of bacteria? Sorry, I know I am being v v anxious

OP posts:
ZillionDayStreak · 26/06/2023 08:04

You’ve cleaned it. Please let your baby crawl around, it will be happy to explore and will be fine. Don’t let your anxiety prevent your baby from having the freedom to crawl in their own house.

I know it’s hard, but lots of people let babies crawl around at home without being super careful about hygiene. Your level of worry is excessive.

pressSende · 26/06/2023 08:08

@ZillionDayStreak even though it’s actual poo that was on there? I didn’t use a detergent I just used a baby wipe and hoovered (it wasn’t particularly sticky if that makes sense)

OP posts:
chemistnightmare · 26/06/2023 08:09

A wet wipe isn't sufficient.

Hot soapy water and a good scrub is what it needs.

chemistnightmare · 26/06/2023 08:10

Why would you hoover up a wet area?

Quveas · 26/06/2023 08:10

Gently, but over their childhood your baby / toddler will gets lots more stuff in their mouths that is gross! It's the nature of kids, and some really go for it - one of my friends girls spent about a year eating soil! She's getting married next month, so it didn't do her any harm!


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Innocents4321 · 26/06/2023 08:11

Get a steam cleaner? Pick up as much as you can in toilet paper then steam clean the rest its 230 degrees so it will kill germs.

ZillionDayStreak · 26/06/2023 08:11

OP I fear your anxiety will have you spending the next few days using lots of different cleaning products on the carpet, and at the end still not letting the baby crawl.

Personally I would have wiped up all visible poo, sprayed with Dettol, , scrubbed it in a bit, sprayed again, let it dry and then be happy to let a baby crawl there.

Gymmum82 · 26/06/2023 08:14

I use vanish carpet cleaner. Then spray it over with dettol spray.
If the baby wipe is enough to clear the stain give it a spray with dettol and it’ll be grand for the baby to crawl on

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