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My feet are always cold :(

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FrozenToes2023 · 28/02/2023 12:28

Sat here at work and my feet are freezing. I have reynaulds so circulation is poor and i go numb and blue if cold. I bought sheepskin / wool insoles but although they have made a bit of a difference my feet are still basically numb. I got some Uggs, they are genuine ones and even they don't make my feet warm. I've had a whole winter of chilly feet. Are there ANY brands that will keep my feet warm? I would wear hiking boots or anything at this stage.

OP posts:
YesItsMe44 · 28/05/2023 20:53

I wear wool socks. I've not found any magic shoe that keeps my feet warm. I give my feet a good rub and do foot excercises to keep circulation going. My tried and true method of warming them up is a heating pad for feet with a slot for each foot. Some also automatically turn off after 30 minutes.

Whatevergetsyouthroughthenight · 28/05/2023 21:14

If your core isn’t warm enough the circulation to your extremities will reduce to keep your vital organs warm. Put on more layers on your top half (gilet, fleece, wool jumpers etc) and your feet will warm up.

Xmasbaby11 · 28/05/2023 21:23

I agree with pp. I have a problem with my feet and nose getting cold and I need to warm up my whole body to make any difference. I think I leave it too long and then it takes ages to warm up again. So miserable!

sheworemellowyellow · 28/05/2023 21:23

Argh, I feel your pain in reverse! My feet are always boiling. Perhaps you can try the peri-menopause? It works wonders for elevating your body temp without asking 😡

Crispymandm · 28/05/2023 21:29

How’s your blood ferritin levels op? I feel your pain, always have cold hands and feet! Are heated insoles a thing?

Crispymandm · 28/05/2023 21:31

Oh on Amazon you can get heated insoles , either usb or ones like them hand warmers, wonder what there like?

LadyFlumpalot · 28/05/2023 22:38

Electric blanket. I have a mini heated lap blanket I use for work. As a fellow Reynauds sufferer I feel your pain (numbness). I used to sit under the air con vent at work and the constant cold breeze played havoc with it. I would take my bigger electric blanket in and fold it around my legs.

This is assuming you have a sit down role at work. Otherwise, heat-holder long socks have been good for me.

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