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Please recommend a mini vacuum!

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SnuggleBuggleBoo · 20/02/2023 21:48

That can cope with the hideous and overwhelming destruction in the back of the car where kids have been allowed to snack. I can't trust any of the product reviews online - I'd like personal recommendations! MUST be under £80, pref under £50!! Ideally battery operated rather than plug-in to the cigarette charger. TIA!!

OP posts:
SnuggleBuggleBoo · 20/02/2023 21:58

Thank you! Yes, that's on my shortlist. I'm just wondering if it might be too big and clunky for the car? It would be kept in there in-between charging.

OP posts:
roseopose · 20/02/2023 22:03

Depends how big your car is I guess? I don't find it overly big, I had a black and decker one before that which was useless but about the same size, not sure they come much smaller than that. It's nice and easy to empty too, I use it round the house all the time for crumbs etc. The pet head bit comes off, you wouldn't want that on for car cleaning probably.

SnuggleBuggleBoo · 21/02/2023 11:33

Thanks, I've order it!

OP posts:
purdypuma · 21/02/2023 20:42

Another vote for the Shark one & its fab for hoovering the car & picking up after the cat.

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