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Carpet Washers (sorry not an exciting thread!)

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JustJamie5 · 17/02/2023 08:08

People of mumsnet!

We need to get a carpet washer, Which would you recommend? I’m currently looking at Vax and Bissell as brands (open to other suggestions). I can’t decide if it’s worth paying for a top of the range model (approx £300) or if the cheaper ones will be just as good at about half the price.

Most of our house is carpeted and a dog lives here.

OP posts:
bozzabollix · 17/02/2023 08:16

I have a very elderly dog and Mr Bissell as the machine is so affectionately known as is my godsend. It’s used a few times a week and can turn a carpet stained with sloppy poo pristine in a couple of minutes. My brand loyalty is grown to such a degree that I’d weep if this overworked machine was taken away. I can’t praise it enough as it’s kept me sane!

ModerationInEverything · 17/02/2023 08:26

I also prefer Bissell. My old one was a Vax and not half as good as the Bissell. Paid about £200 when it was on offer last year. Not sure which model it is though.

lovemypuppa · 17/02/2023 09:22

Which Bissell model do you own? I have a continent dog but she's very long haired and brings in a lot of dirt. Just binned my Vax as it churned out more dirt than it sucked up.

JustJamie5 · 17/02/2023 20:40

Thank you team mumsnetters! I’ll take a look at Bissell!

Love our dog, but she’s a rescue who spent the first year of her life completely not housetrained (she came to us matted, worried etc. poster girl for dogstrust) .. it took what felt like an eternity to housetrain her….. so although I’ve never had an old dog I feel your pain! (She’s trained now! And we have a new carpet… so it’s just muddy paws!)

OP posts:
BobSacamono · 17/02/2023 21:16

Love my Vax upright which makes light work of my cream carpet. The stair tool was sketchy and fell apart ages ago though so I’d look out for that on your Bissell to make sure it’s well constructed :)

Jellycatspyjamas · 17/02/2023 21:26

I just bought a vax compact power plus, it’s perfect for small spaces (which may not be what you need). I’ve used it to clean our hall carpet and a rug which has fallen victim to our incontinent cat - brought both up like new.

It was much better than the professional clean we had done 6 months ago (possibly because I could go over them a couple of times) and watching the manky water pulled out of the carpet was oddly therapeutic. Definitely worth it in money terms - it cost basically twice the cost of a professional clean and I’ll use it fairly regularly.

TheNoodlesIncident · 17/02/2023 22:21

Bissell SpotClean Pro. Think £180ish on Amazon. There's a cheaper version, don't know how well that works. Really recommend it, well worth the money imo.

We have a cat who very occasionally voms or forgets she's got a litter tray 🙄The Bissell is fab, the shampoo smells lovely and you can't see where the assault was. Also handy for any spills.

morekidsthanhands · 17/02/2023 22:32

I recently bought a bissell pet version it's green and purple? It's brilliant and really handy to have. I've done my sofa and downstairs carpet and to say I've only had them a year the colour change was embarrassing.
Only negative is the noise. Its so loud!

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