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Eufy Robo Vac

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sillytops · 03/11/2022 13:45


Does anyone have a Eufy robovac?

Can anyone tell me the difference between all the different models as they really vary in price.

Are they really worth it? I have a dog so wondering what it's like for dog hair, how long the battery lasts etc?

Also does anyone have the version that also cleans hard floors with water etc?

OP posts:
Pinkypong · 17/11/2022 23:27

Good question!

Rustyheart · 17/11/2022 23:37

I would love the answer too!

BergamotandLime · 17/11/2022 23:46

I bought the eufy 15C max back in June after an op meant I couldn't do housework. It is AMAZING. My Henry now resides in the garage. I tidy up, make sure cables etc are tidied away, press go and off he buzzes. I'm always amazed at home much he picks up and my floors have never been so clean.

I wondered about getting the mop one but I don't think it would actually work as I think it just pushes a wet cloth about a bit if that makes sense? I've got a spray mop and just follow up quickly with that after he's been round.

You can get more fancy models but this one does what we need it to do and I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.

EdHelpPls · 17/11/2022 23:55

I have one. It toodles about for about 2 hours and takes itself back to the charging dock when battery is low. No pets but 4 long haired humans. I dunno how that translates to dog hair. It wouldn't pick it up off carpet.
I don't know the difference between all the types but mine is about 3 years old so not a new all singing and dancing one. I wasn't that fussed at the start when we didn't have that much wooden floor, but all downstairs is wood flooring now and I LOVE it. Set it off daily and always a little mortified how much it collects. I'd love a mopping one!

ImustLearn2Cook · 17/11/2022 23:59

I have eufy RoboVac 11s and I love it. It is one of their cheaper models but it has good suction and does a great job.

Taslah · 18/11/2022 00:00

I have the 15C Max and I'd buy it again in a heartbeat. Everyone who comes round and sees it in action ends getting one!

Aquamarine1029 · 18/11/2022 00:02

My eufy is at least three years old and I absolutely love it. I have hardwood throughout my home with various rugs, and it's amazing. I have 3 cats and am quite particular about my floors, so it has been wonderful to not have to pull out the hoover every day.

I highly recommend.

Franticbutterfly · 18/11/2022 00:08

Mine stopped working after very few uses. Neither me or DH can work out why it won't stop beeping..I wish I had bought a cordless dyson instead.

abbotsbury · 18/11/2022 00:13

I don't get the love.
We have a Eufy.
I have packed it away.

It gets hair trapped around the spinning brushes which I have to then unpick.

Secondly the dust drawer is tiny and always overflows or pops open dumping the dust everywhere

Cordless Dyson is a more serious answer

itsmeagainagain · 18/11/2022 00:19

@Franticbutterfly you should contact eufy. They have hands down the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Mine had a problem with the front bumper and I tried to unscrew it couldn’t get it back on so I emailed and the very next day a brand new eufy arrived. Didn’t need to return the old one. They sent a trouble shooting video I think but we’re excellent to deal with when that didn’t work for me just sorted it out no fuss

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