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Dehumidifier recommendation

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Logoplanter · 07/08/2022 13:33

We get a lot of condensation over night on the bedroom windows in winter. This is presumably caused because the heating isn't on at night time. This means the next day we end up opening the bedroom windows for a couple of hours which means the heat we've paid for is going outside 🙄

So does anyone have any recommendations for a dehumidifier for a 4 bed house please to hopefully help alleviate the problem? Also any other suggestions for what might help?


This thread is a bit old now, but if you've landed here looking for recommendations, we've recently updated our best dehumidifiers round-up, full of products tried, tested and recommended by Mumsnet users.
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OP posts:
Tgamble · 05/09/2022 15:52

Unfortunately dehumidifiers are a short-term solution for condensation, with these types of issues you need to solve them quickly and long-term in order to avoid issues with mould which can create serious health issues.

Dehumidifiers aren't a whole home solution and can also in some cases eliminate too much moister from the air which causes the environment to become overly dry and resulting in further health issues.

There are other methods to solving mould and condensation, one method is to invest in a whole home ventilation system such as a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system, this would provide clean safe air into the property and elimination condensation and mould.

Catmummyof2 · 05/09/2022 16:21

We’ve got a Meaco Arête One dehumidifyer. It’s quiet enough to run overnight in the bedroom.

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