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Soda stream for sparkling water

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NCTDN · 23/07/2022 15:02

Has anyone got one? Are they worth it?
I've been looking but very confused what the different ones are.

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calmlakes · 23/07/2022 15:03

We have one and find it very good for sparkling water and favored sparkling water.

Inacountrygarden · 23/07/2022 15:07

Also interested in answers on this, I too am thinking of buying one.

Brody77 · 23/07/2022 15:13

We use it just for sparkling water, in fact use do much we ended up getting a big co2 bottle to refill the small gas canisters as can be quite pricey, but didn’t want to create lots of plastic waste, it’s one of our treats

MurderAtTheBeautyPageant · 23/07/2022 15:14

I bought an Aarke as they're more aesthetically pleasing.

calmlakes · 23/07/2022 15:15

It is only good for sparkling water in my view, which is fine for us.

Beamur · 23/07/2022 15:15

DH got one for the same reasons but found the cost and waste from the co2 too much ..

AnchorWHAT · 23/07/2022 15:16

Used to have one but they changed the connections on the canisters, I really fancied a new one but getting the refill gas often enough is a bit tricky and quite costly, we drink gallons of fizzy water and even though we end up putting lots of bottles in the recycle bin the supermarket budget water is way cheaper for us. I think if its just a few glasses here and there then they are great. Don't bother with the syrups just use juice or squash.

babasaclover · 23/07/2022 15:19

I hate the waste of plastic bottles but aldi do you do the best sparkling water going and it's so cheap for six little bottles about a pound I think. It makes it infinitely cheaper than the SodaStream which is a shame as I would love a SodaStream to stop all the plastic.

myuterusistryingtokillme · 23/07/2022 15:23

We get through a LOT of sparkling water, ours is a godsend and has really cut down on our plastic waste

JanuaryKeepMe · 23/07/2022 15:28

I only use mine for sparkling water, never add syrups. It is brilliant. I would hate the waste that comes from using single use plastic bottles. I also slice up lemons and freeze them to add to my drink.

Neolara · 23/07/2022 15:30

I love my soda stream. We only use it for sparkling water.

ChicCroissant · 23/07/2022 15:31

We use ours for sparkling water, mainly to reduce plastic waste - I don't think it works out cheaper using a Sodastream than buying the Tesco value sparkling water, for instance.

I've only found sweetener-free syrups at Lakeland, all the rest have sweeteners in and I don't like the taste of them.

NCTDN · 23/07/2022 15:33

Yes we go through loads but only ever but budget sparkling water so dh says this will be a lot more expensive.
When you make a bottle, how long does it stay fizzy for?

OP posts:
YetAnotherSpartacus · 23/07/2022 15:36

When you make a bottle, how long does it stay fizzy for?

Irrelevant really because it gets drunk within 12 hours ...

Cheeptweet · 23/07/2022 15:40

I use 'CO2 You' for refills. Call them up, they take the old bottle and deliver new.

They are great for fizzy water. Never the syrups. Has reduced my plastic tenfold.

skyeisthelimit · 23/07/2022 15:42

I have the basic one, but got a good deal with 4 bottles and a couple of flavours.

I never buy their flavours though, I use standard squash and Elderflower cordials.

I don't think it saves me any money overall, but it is good to not have all those plastic 2l bottles and to be able to just fizz it when I want it. I keep cold water in the fridge, and just fizz a bottle a day.

iwasyou · 23/07/2022 15:57

I'm interested too.

So is the basic Sodastream (Genesis?) as good as the more expensive models?

Has anyone made tonic water with it and is it as good as Schweppes for example?

calmlakes · 23/07/2022 16:12

I don't find any of the syrups produce anything like sodas, with the possible exception of some ginger syrups. I still buy tonic water.
I don't find it particularly cheap but has reduced the amount of cans we use a great deal.

abovedecknotbelow · 23/07/2022 16:22

Beamur · 23/07/2022 15:15

DH got one for the same reasons but found the cost and waste from the co2 too much ..

What waste?

We have one and I love it. I got it primarily to predict plastic waste as I have a serious sparkling water habit. I have a sparkle plan or whatever it's called for gas, £120 for the year and the gas bottles get delivered and I send the old ones back for recycling.

I don't like any of the flavours.

reluctantbrit · 23/07/2022 16:27

We have an Aarke, bought because of plastic waste, not necessarily to save money.

We go through a lot but found that the fizz in the 2l bottles of the cheap sparkling water just vanishes far too fast.

We just add fruit juice if we don't want to drink plain water.

LadyCampanulaTottington · 23/07/2022 16:34

Beamur · 23/07/2022 15:15

DH got one for the same reasons but found the cost and waste from the co2 too much ..

What waste?! The empty gas bottles are returned and you get a new one. I’m struggling to see what is wasteful?

We use ours for just sparking water. I used to go through 2 to 3 750ml bottles of San Pellegrino a day and the amount of plastic was criminal. Yes we recycled everything but it made me uncomfortable.

calmlakes · 23/07/2022 16:36

We bought sparkling water in little cans, very little sparkling water sold in large bottles in my part of USA. We recycled them but it was a ridiculous volume.
The soda stream canisters are also recycled but much smaller volume. I'd guess that they were sanitized and then refilled?

catfunk · 23/07/2022 16:39

Absolutely love mine. One of the best purchases I make.
I only use it for water but DH always has fizzy squash be ages he's a child.
Don't know why waste from canisters was mentioned upthread there's loads of ways of recycling them for a discount on new ones.

ANewNameANewDay · 23/07/2022 16:41

Love ours!

NCTDN · 23/07/2022 16:44

Which one do you all have?

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