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Baby jogger city mini 2

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Jingleballsjellyballs · 16/01/2022 19:24

Thinking about getting one of these for my almost 3 year old who hates walking. Currently have an Icandy peach which has done us well but now I’m fed up of lugging around and dismantling.

My DS is small, 25th centile and 13kg so I think the baby jogger would last a long time for those longer days out/travelling etc and be less of a pain than the icandy. Does anyone have one? Is this a daft idea? Are they good buggies?

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NewtoHolland · 16/01/2022 19:26

Yep had one for 5 years (across 2 kids) amazingly practical! And comfy.

Starbrand · 16/01/2022 19:29

Great buggy fold in one

Hungry625f · 16/01/2022 19:31

Perfect buggy for this

Thebigpawpaw · 16/01/2022 19:32

We have one it's great. My dd is 4 and also small but still fits it. It's not a small pushchair it's a bit heavy but it's been great for us. Goes off road well.

mrsm12 · 16/01/2022 19:33

Got it for my last baby and wish I had it for others, easy to push and fold, still use it for odd days out with my 3 year old

AgnesNaismith · 16/01/2022 19:34

I have two children (somewhat older than babies now) but this is the best pram I had, can be used with one hand, wheels come off, big enough to sleep and great on all terrains. It was also unfortunately the last pram I had…how I wish I’d found it first!!

WouldYouGoBackToTheStart · 16/01/2022 19:35

I’ve got a reluctant walker too and I’ve got a baby jogger mini GT. I love it! The best buggy I’ve owned. My little one is almost three and tall for his age. The buggy is a good size so there is still lots of space for him to still grow into. It’s also light, easy to manoeuvre, and so folds easily. I’d definitely recommend one :)

mistermagpie · 16/01/2022 19:38

I had the baby jogger double and loved it, greats prams.

Another one to consider it the mamas and papas armadillo city, most of my friends have had one of these with their babies and we all loved them. Easy to fold and carry, quite lightweight but a bit more substantial than say a maclaren umbrella type pushchair. I use mine pretty much daily, it was second hand and is still in great nick.

Jelly4444 · 16/01/2022 19:49

I had the Icandy Peach (which I loved) but my kids grew out of it quickly and it was bulky and heavy.

I then bought the City Jogger. Absolutely amazing buggy. Folding it up was so easy. My 6 year old fitted in it on the odd occasion ( long day in a theme park) and he is tall. I also found the City Jogger a dream for travelling / airports.

Jingleballsjellyballs · 16/01/2022 20:11

Wow that's pretty unanimous! Does anyone's child dislike the slightly laid back position I've read about?

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