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Seriously cold people what will you be wearing for the next 6 plus months?

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BigButtons · 01/10/2021 19:40

Would love to hear about specific brands or even tips that enable to function.

OP posts:
CosmicComfort · 04/10/2021 19:13

Bought a lovely down coat from Uniqlo this weekend. Really toasty warm.
Also have a couple of not too hideous fleece jackets (if that’s not an oxymoron😉) and ordered some fluffy ones online, all from Uniqlo as well.

Really love Uniqlo stuff for keeping warm.

LuchiMangsho · 04/10/2021 11:22

I promise you the 5-7 min walk to school in -15 degrees is pure torture without adequate gear (and possibly dangerous). Where we live, the kids play outside till its about -10ish. So they have snow boots and snow clothes in school in their locker. They don't seem to mind- I do feel sorry for those teachers.

Twostepsbackagain · 04/10/2021 10:57

[quote LuchiMangsho]This is what I have but we live in super cold weather and I wear this for about 4-5 months almost daily.[/quote]
That is absolutely gorgeous!

LuchiMangsho · 04/10/2021 10:22

This is what I have but we live in super cold weather and I wear this for about 4-5 months almost daily.

LuchiMangsho · 04/10/2021 10:18

I live in the East Coast of the US where doing a school run in -15 celsius is not unheard of.
So I wear a thin thermal layer, a jumper, scarf, waterproof gloves, hat and then most importantly a down jacket. I find most buildings are well heated and you keep stripping off layers. But when I am out and about it is vital to stay toasty and down jackets are the best. Lots of people assume that padded jackets are interchangeable with down jackets but they are not.
In the UK Uniqlo does thin down jackets and you can then layer that up with a waterproof thing.
I wear a 3 in 1 Patagonia jacket that has a down layer and then a waterproof layer.
I also wear a Fjallraven Kanken down parka that doesn't overwhelm me. (I'm very small/petite).
Also invest in good warm boots. I wear Merrell ones. (But we get a decent amount of snow and I need shoes with a good grip for the inevitable black ice that follows).

Returnoftheowl · 04/10/2021 09:58

I've got a heated blanket for the sofa which makes chilly evening a lot better. It plugs into a socket and you can chose the heat setting and the length of time it's on for.

Justbecauseofit · 04/10/2021 08:15

Oh also wear one one of those huge scarves that are almost like shawls around the house really makes a difference ive noticed and you can look lovely rather than lazy too Grin

Justbecauseofit · 04/10/2021 08:13

I have a thermal fleece under top from trespass that I have used for hiking and camping I use as a sleepover top. Really makes a difference under my clothes.

Unfortunately my raynauds has been bad this year due to the meds I'm taking so Ill be taking some tips from this thread!

SayrraT · 04/10/2021 08:10

I've got a heated gilet from amazon and for when I'm outside I have the most amazing helly hansen boilersuit (lekness or something it's called).

BigButtons · 03/10/2021 13:07

@Knifeandfawkes I have just ordered 2 from Amazon 😃

OP posts:
Knifeandfawkes · 02/10/2021 19:52

An oodie at home. I'm a coldie, and live in a cold house. They are THE ABSOLUTE NUTS.

PennyWus · 02/10/2021 19:48

I bought several lightweight cotton scarves with pretty printed patterns, so light they are almost see-through , you'd think they would not do much but because they are wide they provide a lot of warmth around my neck at home. Look really nice on Zoom calls and don't itch (I don't like wearing thick woollen scarves at home when I'm already wearing slipper socks, a coatigan with 3 layers under it and tights under my leggings!)

BigButtons · 02/10/2021 10:56

Just ordered an ocoopa hand warmer from Amazon. Figure I can also shove it up my jumper!

OP posts:
Rightilus · 02/10/2021 09:56

Long warm cardigans on at home all the time.

ArseInTheCoOpWindow · 02/10/2021 09:50

I seriously feel the cold. But l can only wear cotton or silk. Every other thing makes me itchy.

Winter is expensive😔

BigButtons · 02/10/2021 09:48

@Fairyliz it’s worth having a blood test just to check. I am not sure if they are doing them atm though. I can’t even get through to the receptionists at our surgery, but will try and get one organised.

OP posts:
IceCreamAndCandyfloss · 02/10/2021 09:42

Outdoors layers with a thermal base, jeggings and a good boots.

Indoors I don’t mind comfort at night like a blanket or oodie but would hate that in the day so normal loungewear and the heating on of the thermostat dips. I’d rather cut back elsewhere than be cold as it makes me miserable.

Fairyliz · 02/10/2021 08:48

[quote BigButtons]@Fairyliz I am quite small- have been all my life. Can you be small and have an under active thyroid?[/quote]
It’s a common misconception that an under active thyroid causes weigh gain. Yes it does in some cases but not all.
I was in my 50’s post menopausal, 5ft 6in and 8 stone 10lb when I was diagnosed so not big.

ItsahardGobbutsomeonehastodoit · 02/10/2021 08:37

Can anyone recommend fleece lined leggings for 4 year olds please? I see some on H&M but wondered if any are particularly warm and thick.
I second the fluffy lined leggings for adults from Primark, they're good for restless legs.

BigButtons · 02/10/2021 08:11

Loving the tips. I already do a lot of them.
The issue I have with thick wool jumpers is that they itch and I can’t stand it. I have a couple of woolovers ones that I don’t wear for that reason even though they are super warm.
I wear a lot of second hand cashmere but nothing quite beats a thick non itchy wool jumper. Do they exist?
I recently bought a Lisa Angel blanket scarf. It is one of the warmest things I have ever worn.

OP posts:
BigButtons · 02/10/2021 08:08

@Fairyliz I am quite small- have been all my life. Can you be small and have an under active thyroid?

OP posts:
Fairyliz · 02/10/2021 07:13


Not what you are asking OP but it's really worth getting thyroid and Vitamin D levels checked.

This is actually good advice. I have an under active thyroid as do a lot of my family.
Feeling a lot colder than other people in the same environment is a very common symptom.
Sorry about the doctors situation it’s the same around here. But if you do feel very cold plus tired and constipated it’s worth pursuing.
Hopetobe4mrfatty · 02/10/2021 06:36

Bamboo or silk under layers ( long johns)

DinosApple · 02/10/2021 06:27

Thermal tights,
long sleeved vests,
fleecy leggings,
thick socks,
cashmere jumpers (when I'm not at school)
Pretend Oodie from Amazon
Electric blanket on bed
Teddy bear fleece bedding
Sheepskin slippers (Celtic)
Fleece throws on sofas.

I often find thermals are too short in the body/leg- I'm no giant at a very average 5ft 5. I've tried M&S, mountain warehouse, Primark, matalan and Amazon. Can anyone recommend anywhere?

WhoIsPepeSilva · 02/10/2021 06:04

Heat holder socks.

Fleece lined leggings under jeans.


Decent outerwear like a good jacket that covers your kidneys.

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