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Triclimb climbing frame- easy to fold?

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RoseGoldEagle · 08/08/2021 18:52

Looking at buying the Triclimb. When it says ‘folds up for easy storage’ - is that like- 30 seconds at the end of a day easy? Or more- need to unscrew things 10 minute job for when you’re done with it easy? We don’t have loads of room so thinking it would be great to have, but it will take up ALL the room if it’s up all the time! Thanks for any advice!

OP posts:
MontysMinions · 08/08/2021 18:59

We have one. It's in constant use! I wouldn't say it's quick to put away. You have to remove two screws but they have little handles on them so don't require a screwdriver. So you take both screws out, then fold away.

We kept losing the screws though and to be honest, it's used so much we leave it up.

I'd say it's a 4/5 minute job to put away and store the screws somewhere they won't be lost.

It is expensive what it is though. My friend have an identical pikler triangle that came with the ramp and together were less than half the price of my triangle. It's screws are a little harder to remove to store but that's really the only difference and she also just keeps it up.

SpikeDearheart · 08/08/2021 19:16

You unscrew two screws, fold it, then put the screws back in the holes, takes 20 seconds.

modgepodge · 08/08/2021 19:22

I have a cheaper version from Etsy, which does fold away with no screwdriver in about 20 seconds.

BergamotMouse · 08/08/2021 19:48

We have a triclimb. No idea how it takes 4-5 minutes?

My 4 year old can undo both screws in a minute. I could probably put it away in under a minute.

It's great. Always used. I'd recommend the slide too.

MontysMinions · 08/08/2021 20:49

I'm obviously doing something wrong! 😂

I concede it obviously takes the average person a lot less!

RoseGoldEagle · 11/08/2021 10:57

Thanks everyone! I’m going to go for it :-) I have a baby, 2 year old and 4 year old so hopefully it will get lots of use!

OP posts:
springiscoming12 · 11/08/2021 11:05

I bought one on Etsy that folds flat without a screwdriver -
Much cheaper than the triclimb I think

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