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A nice holiday park

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GraciousPiglet · 05/04/2021 13:13

We usually go to Eurocamp and love it. Obvious that's off this year and have just cancelled everything.

We like holiday parks that are family orientated with a few facilities like playgrounds and a pool. We prefer quieter sites, nothing with rowdy groups or noise at all hours.

We hate the idea of centre Parks as it's far too much money and a bit luxurious for us 🤣. Also we are not loaded!!! We tried Bluestone and hated it. Went to a nice quiet Hoseasons place in Norfolk and loved that. We like a nice static caravan with a bit of space around it for the kids to play.

Area wise we are central England so we'd be open to anywhere really. Except Cornwall as it'll be ridiculous this summer, I'm sure. Would be lovely to be near enough to the coast for a day trip but happy to travel for up to 40/50 minutes to get to the beach.

Any recommendations?

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Letsgetbizzy · 05/04/2021 13:49

Weve been to Parkdean holiday parks and enjoyed them. Weve been to the Sandford and west Bay in Dorset. Both lovely nice clean caravans and they make the beds up!

Not sure what age your kids are but ours loved the entertainment as well.

It's not Parkdean but I've heard great things about Sandy Balls holiday camp. I think it's Hoseasons.

Ifonlyidknownthen · 05/04/2021 14:00

Look at cresswell towers Northumberland. Took DC about 5 years ago and they loved it. Only small and friendly, onsite evening entertainment but not rowdy, swimming pool and park, and near a very nice beach. Not overpriced and not like the haven sites, which I don't like.

Kidssendingmenuts · 05/04/2021 14:06

Parkdene sites are lovely, I always go to skipsea sands but they can get very busy but I've never had a problem with noise as I always choose one on the sea front. I also highly recommend forest holidays, it's like centerparcs but no pool though, but every cabin has a hot tub which the kids love. I usually go to cropton or Keldy which is about a 30 min drive to Whitby or Scarborough. Plenty of walks and a small park, keldy has activities on site as well.

Ginqueen456 · 05/04/2021 14:08

Greenacres haven site in North Wales is brilliant. Not too big and right next to the beach

FictionalCharacter · 05/04/2021 14:17

We went to a Parkdean or Shorefield one (can’t remember which) in Swanage which was good. Also a Shorefield one in the New Forest that we’ve been back to several times.

sherrystrull · 05/04/2021 14:19

Searles in Hunstanton is lovely. Near the beach, not huge, lovely pool and a gorgeous family pub right next to it. Our cabin was set on grass and got visited each day by ducks!

VienneseWhirligig · 05/04/2021 14:19

West Bay (Dorset) or Ruda (Croyde) would be my recommendations.

stuckinarutatwork · 05/04/2021 14:36

Sandy Balls in the New Forest
Whitehaven (Forest of Dean)
Cofton Country Holidays (Dawlish, Devon)
Devon Cliffs (Exmouth, Devon)

stuckinarutatwork · 05/04/2021 14:36

Whitemead sorry, not Whitehaven

Swingoutsistersledge2 · 05/04/2021 14:40

Park Dean Eyemouth Scotland . Small site with a small entertainment venue . A 5 minute walk into Eyemouth Harbour with small quaint shops , not far from Northumberland and Berwick with beautiful beaches .

Panpig · 05/04/2021 14:41

We love the Haven Greenacres Park in North Wales

GraciousPiglet · 05/04/2021 14:50

Thanks everyone! Keep em coming. These are perfect so far!

OP posts:
oohyoudevilyou · 05/04/2021 14:56

St Minver near Rock in Cornwall (Parkdean). It's expensive though and gets booked up quickly but we love that part of Cornwall and there's loads to see and do in the area

Hippywannabe · 05/04/2021 14:57

Parkdean on Challaborough Bay. Literally on top of the beach, lovely walks along the coast or over to Burgh Island when the tide is out.
About 30 mins or so drive from Pkymouth but feels like a world away.

Loftyloft · 05/04/2021 15:11

Darwin Forest in Derbyshire. Low key. Swimming pool, soft play, pub, playground, nice chalets.

LudoBear · 05/04/2021 15:13

We do 2 holidays a year through the sun £9.50 holidays scheme. We always choose a parkdean site and never had any trouble. Haven are usually busier and John fowler are awful.

boymummy2019 · 05/04/2021 15:23

Cofton holiday park in Devon is lovely

GraciousPiglet · 05/04/2021 15:27

I think we are hoping to avoid Devon and Cornwall as they will be super super busy. Cornwall definitely a no.

Parkdean sound really good. And helpful to have ones to avoid too so thanks @LudoBear

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