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Ooni pizza ovens!!

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GreatTeaMonkey · 20/03/2021 09:42

Inspired by the other pizza thread.

Who here owns an Ooni (or other pizza oven make). Any tips or tricks? DH loves making a beer dough which works really well.

He does have a habit of losing ingredients in the back of the oven. Grin

OP posts:
whatsleep · 20/03/2021 10:11

Place marking! New purchase hidden away for DHs birthday gift so will be glad to get some hot tips!

Esse321 · 20/03/2021 10:15

I have one but find it a bit impossible to use really, think burnt on top and raw underneath, probably need to practise more.

QuentinInQuarantino · 20/03/2021 10:16

Ooh here for the tips! Dh got his for Christmas. Our most successful dough has been the recipe in the ooni book tbh.

I also buy a truffle pasta sauce and put that on with crumbly blue cheese and then rocket and balsamic glaze when it's done and it is DIVINE.

QuentinInQuarantino · 20/03/2021 10:18

Also we have very set roles! I can't seem to roll the dough at all but Dh can, whereas he can't get it off the peek into the oven without it falling apart but I'm an expert. I don't think either of us could use it alone!

Paddingtonthebear · 20/03/2021 10:18

We have a Roccbox, we found it was trial and error with the dough making and technique but all good now, practice makes perfect

GreatTeaMonkey · 20/03/2021 10:20

I do the dough rolling and he does the pizza paddling. We have two paddles.

OP posts:
CharlieWeasley · 20/03/2021 10:20

I second the dough in the ooni book. The secret to jot burning the top/raw underneath is making sure the stone is hot enough before you put them in

LadyGAgain · 20/03/2021 10:26

Pizza Pilgrims dough and method has taken pizza to another level. And my waistline.

GreatTeaMonkey · 20/03/2021 12:31
OP posts:
FoodieToo · 20/03/2021 12:45

Ooni is one of our best purchases ever ! We love it . Pizza every Friday . Better than restaurant pizza . Fab !!

GalesThisMorning · 20/03/2021 20:23

I love mine!! I've used it 5 times so far and every time it gets easier and better. Semolina and 2 wooden peels are my must haves - the semolina acts like ball bearings to get the pizza off the peel, and an extra peel means you can get them cooked faster.

Here is last week's pizza- I ate this week's creation before I thought to take a picture!!

GalesThisMorning · 20/03/2021 20:27

Oh well I can't seem to upload images. In case anyone else is counting calories my 10 inch(ish) pizza with passata, mozzarella, red onion & a bit of chorizo worked out at just under 500 calories. So it's a once a week treat for me!

GreatTeaMonkey · 20/03/2021 21:44

Oh we put flour on the peel. Does semolina work better?

OP posts:
QuentinInQuarantino · 20/03/2021 21:47

I've tried both and love the taste of semolina on the base but find flour works better for me. I can't get an even spread of semolina.

andadietcoke · 20/03/2021 21:52

I use semolina but if you use too much it burns on the stone.

I was trying to work out calories earlier, so that's good to know.

Escapetothecounty · 20/03/2021 21:55

We have one and love it! Had the chorizo, lime-pineapple and coriander recipe from the app/book tonight - delicious!

For the poster who had a raw underneath - that suggests your stone isn't hot enough, try pre-heating it for longer and/or higher temperature.

Roll on March 29th for garden pizza parties!

FelicityBeedle · 20/03/2021 21:57

I have a dirt cheap one I got from marketplace, it’s amazing, takes a while to heat up the stone though

StanfordPines · 20/03/2021 21:58

I got one last year.
I love it but I need to practice to build up my confidence.

StanfordPines · 20/03/2021 21:59

Oh. There is a Reddit sub for them too. Nice and friendly with tips.

Queenoftheashes · 20/03/2021 22:05

I don’t have one but want to get one so reading tips with interest. How did people choose which model to buy?

ExponentiallyDepleted · 20/03/2021 22:05

We've got an Ooni Karu, got it for DH for Christmas. An infra red thermometer has made a big difference, definitely recommend that.

I use the Ooni dough recipe with Wessex Mill Pizza/Pasta flour, use polenta to dust the rolling surface and peel (we just have one metal one). We have a system, I make the pizza on a silicone mat dusted with polenta, slide it onto the peel, DH cooks it, brings it back to a chopping board to cut up while I stretch and top the next one.

Looseleaf · 20/03/2021 22:06

You all sound such civilised people. I had to google what ooni pizza was!
Please can one of you have me over and explain this wonder when lockdown allows and i can help taste / quality control.

The best we do is homemade dough in normal oven that sticks to the tin And goes a bit soggy but still quite good

RiderGirl · 20/03/2021 22:15

We love ours, I bought it for DH's birthday last June - he said "this is the best present you've EVER bought me". Took a couple of goes to get it right but they're bloody lovely - my top tip is to let them learn to make them by themselves and you can sit and watch while having a drink 😁

RedToothBrush · 20/03/2021 22:35


I have one but find it a bit impossible to use really, think burnt on top and raw underneath, probably need to practise more.

Red's DH (He's been summoned to give tips!):
I tend to make the dough at least the day before. When it comes to making the pizzas I'll fire up the Ooni (Koda) then stretch the dough out to size (12"/30cm) - getting 4 to shape, and all the toppings in order often takes the time the oven needs to warm. As I make neapolitan thin pizzas the oven can run at full heat the whole time, if you're doing thicker pizzas you want to turn the oven down when cooking and up between pizzas, giving the stone time to warm again. I know the back is cooked as the dough starts to swell about 3/4 of the way round, if worried, turn early. Floured metal peel works for me for launching and retrieving - to many toppings will come off.

I use a Pizza Dough recipe/calculation from - before proving only knock the dough together only enough to form a springy ball, then when preparing split your dough and roll to balls (you should get the expected texture then)

Burnt on top/raw underneath probably means the stone isn't hot enough and/or the bases are too thick.

Yell at Red if you have questions - I estimated I've made the best part of a thousand pizzas in mine.

DH is fab doing them and several of his friends have different models (its got a bit competitive at times!). The thinner you can make your bases the better they taste / the better they come out seems to overall be the collective wisdom. (Also better for calories as its the dough that adds it up).

We've done everything you can possibly think of as toppings on pizzas (also have a go at desert filled calzones - you can do chocolate etc if you cut it up - just don't bite into them straight after they come out for obvious reasons!).

It all seems to be in prep before. A cook off on dough decided that the pizza app for dough was the way forward.

We are never going back to shop bought pizza. He will be making them until he's 90 if I have my way. Love love love our Ooni.
RedToothBrush · 20/03/2021 22:37


I don’t have one but want to get one so reading tips with interest. How did people choose which model to buy?

The consenus amongst DH's friends after they all got different models is just go for the basic one. Wood chips are a faff.
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