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What bike does your 8yo have?

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MinnieMountain · 11/03/2021 20:02

I’m looking at second hand Frog 62 bikes for DS as his next bike. He’s always had Frogs. However, I am aware that other brands are available.

What brand would people recommend otherwise? A hybrid would be best as DS cycles to get around, on tracks and does the odd bit on a BMX track.

OP posts:
Prestissimo · 11/03/2021 20:07

My ds (8) has a frog bike but we hire ours from

Cheaper and more eco-friendly than buying. They have Frog, Squish and Forme hybrids on their books

Aroundtheworldin80moves · 11/03/2021 20:10

She had an Islabike when younger, then got a Giant last summer at 9yo. She's rather tall and it's a small adult/teen frame rather than a child one.

sanityisamyth · 11/03/2021 20:10

My tall 7 year old has a 62 Frog! He LOVES it and is always desperate to ride it!

MinnieMountain · 11/03/2021 20:14

Ah, looks like we might be sticking with Frog then Grin

The Bike Club looks interesting @Prestissimo Buying a second hand one is such a faf.

OP posts:
YellowDaffidols · 11/03/2021 20:16

Second hand frog. Sorry!

PortHills · 11/03/2021 20:19

We had a lovely orbea at that age. Then onto specialized rip rock, then a vitus. Now full suspension and loving his mtb.

MinnieMountain · 11/03/2021 21:31

They look very good but I can’t work out what type of Orbea is which @PortHills.

Has anyone tried a Forme Kinder?

OP posts:
PortHills · 11/03/2021 21:49

I think the orbea was an mx 24. Def go snd talk to your local bike shop. Ours has been brilliant - with bikes if you can’t service yourself then having a good bike shop is essential. Plus you really want to test helmets etc. So we need to support our bike shops if possible as so many are disappearing. And I mean the independents. That said , appreciate new kids bikes don’t last long and are £££. (Although , when you take into account resale , if you’re bikers it makes total sense )

Quornflakegirl · 11/03/2021 21:51

I have 2 tall 8 year olds and both have Frogs.

Haydugi · 11/03/2021 21:52

DS 8 has a Hoy bike. He loves it.

JamMakingWannaBe · 11/03/2021 21:58

Giant or the Wild bikes from Go Outdoors. Agree with pp. Talk to someone at your local independent bike store.

Okki · 11/03/2021 21:59

We've had Isla, Hoy and Frog. They're all good.

Nyancat · 11/03/2021 22:01

Moved from frog to vitus, really happy either the vitus

EmBeEmBe · 11/03/2021 22:13

We have a forme kinder through the bikeclub. We've only had it a few weeks bit DD loves it. Its lightweight and seems very similar to a frog.

WildCherryBlossom · 12/03/2021 03:48

We are big Isla bike fans.

Schonerlebnis · 12/03/2021 06:33

Orbea road bike here that we got third hand from a friend. It’s too small for ds1 now so presently will be passed on to ds2 . Can well recommend it, also frog bike which youngest has grown out of and we will probably try to sell on.

MinnieMountain · 12/03/2021 06:58

Hmm. I think the combination of knowing the brand, the many recommendations here and the very good point PPs have made about using our local bike shop leads me back to Frog.

Thanks everyone.

OP posts:
PastramiNoRye · 12/03/2021 15:59

We have Frogs but I've heard excellent things about Vitus.

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