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Washing machines, am I just brutal?

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icelollycraving · 26/02/2021 16:42

I need a new one. Dh is baffled that our washing machines don’t last. In 15 years I’ve had four.
I think that’s pretty average, my sisters have only had one each in the same time.

  1. Hotpoint. Basic.

2. LG awful. I won’t have anything LG ever again
3. Miele washer dryer. Nice until it was moved into the garage when we moved here. It didn’t like the garage. Paid 3 times for one of their engineers who all said it was not a good place for Miele. When it died again, we just couldn’t be arsed to pay again.
4. Hotpoint integrated which was in our new build. Been fine but died today.
So am I an appliance killer or is this normal?
I do wash stuff everyday so it is used a lot.
Dh finds it baffling.
OP posts:
LittleOverwhelmed · 26/02/2021 20:16

We have Bosch and I like them.

Would avoid washer dryers - never as good and more to go wrong.

Imagine that keeping them in the garage is more problematic.

LadyDanburysCane · 26/02/2021 20:19

In 30+ years I’ve had three machines, a cheapish machine (think it was a Hotpoint) lasted about 5 years, then a Zanussi which lasted about 9 (although I did replace the door seal at one point) then my current machine since 2002 which is a Miele. It has had a new heating element quite recently though. (Cost about £120 so cheaper than a new machine)

Lelophants · 26/02/2021 20:22

Our miele is amazing so I do think you're unlucky!

blowinahoolie · 26/02/2021 20:26

I have a Haier washing machine and so far we are impressed with it. It's two years old in June so early days....took a gamble on a brand I have never heard of before.

Crunchymum · 26/02/2021 20:26

In 15 years I've been through 5 washing machines Shock

First one was cheap (our first home and we went cheap Shock) but the rest have been mid range / good reviews.

To be honest I've not found one that I "love" so it's probably why I tend to replace rather than repair.

I also average a kettle every few years as well and we'll soon need cooker number 3.

didireallysaythat · 26/02/2021 20:28

Just replaced our first washing machine - no brand model lasted 17 years which I think that was normal. Will my Bosch really only last 10?

ThePontiacBandit · 26/02/2021 20:34

It really depends on the quality of the machine, the usage and the temps/spins you’re using. The sensitive Miele aside, you’re using cheaper machines on hot washes/fast spins probably at least once a day...they will wear out. I know someone who used to write guidelines for these kinds of machines and the guidance will say they’ll last an average of 7 years..that’s based on someone doing 3 loads per week on cool washes for 7 weeks! My Dad has just replaced his (because he had a new kitchen fitted, not because it stopped working). His was 15 years old I think! But he’s on his own, he doesn’t create that much washing.

We’re on another cheap and cheerful Indesit. I’m adamant we will be upgrading next time! We went through loads of cheap dishwashers. This time I convinced DH to get a Bosch. He admits it’s far superior to the Indesits we’d had before.

megletsecond · 26/02/2021 20:37

I don't think that's too bad. I'm on my 3rd in 15 years. And I think that's starting to consider retirement.
I do a couple of loads every day, hard water area.

Allgirlskidsanddogs · 26/02/2021 20:39

I’m a teacher, my washing machines usually die in September, normally just over 3 years old and just out of warranty.

FreeButtonBee · 26/02/2021 20:39

My Miele is 14 years old. Had one repair guy out for £100. Still going strong and I often do 3-4 washes a day at the weekend - 3 kids, muddy sports the spin isn’t quite what it used to be on a big towels lid but a second spin sorts it out. My H has been muttering about needing to replace it for 2 years now but it keeps going. I love it and it has a 90 degree wash which is brill for cleaning it out and vomited-on bedding.

It was about £800 when I bought it though.

IstandwithJackieWeaver · 26/02/2021 20:40

My favourite washing machine was a pretty cheap Beko bought in a hurry when the previous one, a Hoover (remember them!) I think died. Sold it to the people who bought our old house. There's a Panasonic where we live now and it seems pretty good - lots of programmes, lots of temperature and spin options.

Allgirlskidsanddogs · 26/02/2021 20:40

I’ll have a Maytag from Costco next time!

FreeButtonBee · 26/02/2021 20:40

Oh and I am in London with ultra hard water. I do only use powder though which apparently is less likely to gunk them up

user1471538283 · 26/02/2021 20:42

I've had loads of washers! At least 5 in 27 years. I do laundry every day sigh

TheCanyon · 26/02/2021 20:50

I think we're on our third machine since moving here, so 7 years in april. We do tend to buy on the cheaper end and wash at least one load a day.

Our last one, indesit or beko had to be repaired after 11 months. Paid domestic and general for the repair or replace cover, used it 6 times in 2 years for two washing machines.

waitingpatientlyforspring · 26/02/2021 20:53

Sounds about right to me. Its why we never pay to much. We find ours last about 4 years. Our current is a Zanussi in a new build and was replaced after almost two years (so current one is just over two years old).

BarbaraofSeville · 26/02/2021 20:56

That's insane. Have you worked out how much you've spent on washing machines and insurance in 7 years?

Is there any way you can buy a decent machine that lasts or is this a victim of the Vimes boots theory at work?

We never buy insurance. It's a scam and is only doubling up with your legal rights anyway.

BarbaraofSeville · 26/02/2021 20:57

This thread needs to be a class action against the crappy washing machine industry.

All but the cheapest machines should last at least 6 years. Google the monetsavingexpert SADFART rules.

PrairieFires · 26/02/2021 20:58

My Bosch must be coming up 20 years old. 3 DC. Used most days sometimes twice a day. Repaired once, maybe twice.

Wouldn't mind a new one but the bugger keeps going Grin

SteveHarringtonsHair · 26/02/2021 21:07

I’d had two Bosch in 25 years until last summer when I replaced it with another one.
Used to be used almost daily, top spin speeds on most washes although less so now.
Always bought at the very top end of their price range and been really happy with them.

ouchmyfeet · 26/02/2021 21:09

Lived here 9 years, on second washing machine and fourth tumble drier Blush

Itsjustaride8w737 · 26/02/2021 21:12

We went through about 4 in 10 years when we lived in a (very) hard water area.

They seem to last longer in soft water areas it seems.

NotMeNoNo · 26/02/2021 21:14

We're on our third in 25 years, the current one is Bosch, at least 7-8 years. Bosch are my go to for white goods. We've had the same little Candy tumble dryer since 2005. I'm hoping I haven't jinxed my appliances now!

icelollycraving · 26/02/2021 21:15

Hard water here. I can’t help that dh Wink

OP posts:
Cookerhood · 26/02/2021 21:20

Hotpoint have the worst reputation according to Which, they just don't last. We had washer driers and they only lasted a couple of years. Then our Bosch lasted 12 years. Now on a Miele which is 5 years old. Our dishwasher lasted 14.5 years (Bosch again).

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