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What's your 2.5 year old's favourite toy?

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Squishedpickle · 08/12/2020 21:48

Struggling to find present ideas for my little 2.5 year old nephew. He currently is really into puzzles and duplo.

Can anyone please tell me what your child loves/loved at that age? Thanks

OP posts:
Guineapigbridge · 09/12/2020 21:10

Mini micro scooter

HelebethH · 09/12/2020 21:11

My grandson loves his submarine duplo. Can use it in the bath so two toys in one.

MuchTooTired · 09/12/2020 21:21

DS is all about the cars/tractors/trucks. He likes to name them after people he knows!

DD is really into duplo, so they’ll play together. He’ll do the driving of the car/truck and put the carriages on the back, she’ll build the load on. It’s the only toy that’s encouraged any imaginary play from DD!

Duplo is pretty much the only thing I can think of that they’ll both play together (they’re twins). That and they cruise round the garden together on their balance bike.

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