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What are you buying your toddler's for Christmas?

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BoJingle · 27/11/2020 13:15

I have a 2.5 year old DD and am completely uninspired.

I was hoping the Black Friday sales would give me some great ideas but I'm not finding anything is jumping out at me.

What are you all buying little ones?

OP posts:
Camomila · 27/11/2020 13:18

Mine is a baby but I have bought toys to 'grow into'

Wooden shopping trolley (as we already have s toy kitchen)
toddler marble run
cuddly toy and book for Christmas eve

HarryHarryHarry · 27/11/2020 13:23

I’ve gone a bit mental (I think I’m overcompensating for them being stuck indoors for so long during lockdown here) and got them:

  • a trampoline
  • a shopping trolley and food
  • a Cozy Coupe car
  • all the Little People vehicles (school bus, plane, boat, train)
  • some Peppa Pig toys
  • a teaset
  • a Playmobil 123 railway set

It’s way too many presents but I couldn’t help myself!
DownWhichOfLate · 27/11/2020 13:24

What’s your budget? I’m thinking of getting my almost 2 year old a mud kitchen for the garden.

TikTakTikTak · 27/11/2020 13:25

More teddies, a balance bike, those books with a wipe clean pen for practising letters and numbers, a puzzle, probably tons of chocolate.
Happyland stuff is fab if you want to try that.

grey12 · 27/11/2020 13:25

@HarryHarryHarry a trampoline!!! Wow I think you might have solved my dilemma

fastandthecurious · 27/11/2020 13:27

So far we've got DS who's 2
Shopping trolley and till
Car mat and 2 toot toot sets
Doll and pram
Mr potato head
Peppa pig magnetic etch a sketch
Car loader
Police play set
Knight play set
Little arm chair
Peppa pig play set
Music set
Electric bike
Toy story figures
Firehouse play set

This is what my entire family has gotten him not just me btw 😂

Rainallnight · 27/11/2020 13:27

Great thread. I’ve been feeling very uninspired. Shopping trolley is a great idea

icedaisy · 27/11/2020 13:28

Ride on tractor and trailer main gift.

Then duplo, puppets, books, play dough. Few stocking bits which are more practical. Water bottle, bubbles, bubble bath, hair clips.

grey12 · 27/11/2020 13:28

@BoJingle DD2 is the same age as your DD and Peppa Pig's family was a hit

whatever1980 · 27/11/2020 13:30

I'm terrible - I've got her one of those Henry cleaning trolleys but it's because she likes to clean when I do

Balance bike

Annabel first doll

Playdoh set


FromABook · 27/11/2020 13:33

We've gone for easel for the balcony (I figure in a snow suit he can just entertain himself with it whilst I watch through the closed window...!). I so so wish we had a garden for a trampoline - I'd def be doing that if we could! I need to wear him out!

Also a kids safety knife, which someone recommended on here, so he can get involved with meal prep.

SubParbanMum · 27/11/2020 13:39

We’ve got our DS:
Poo bingo game

Family are buying:
Car garage (with ramps, lift, petrol pumps)
Playmobil fire engine and recycling truck
Toy drill

BoJingle · 27/11/2020 13:39

Budget wise, I don't really have one. Up to a couple of hundred if I found something I felt worth it.

She's an only child at the moment so I don't have to worry about spending the same!

Someone's mentioned Peppa. I have been looking at the Peppa air jet today actually because she in into planes atm.

Other than that, so far on my list is a Crayola mess free colouring case but that's definitely not enough on its own. She loves jumping so a trampoline could be an idea. What size are you going for?

OP posts:
wintertime6 · 27/11/2020 13:39

At that age we got DD a play kitchen which went down well and is still played with now, a couple of years later.

BoJingle · 27/11/2020 13:44

If anyone hasnt got a play kitchen or a wobbel, they are getting a lot of use and love at the moment in our house so I'd recommend either. DD got them both for last Xmas, kitchen was bought by family, but I think we went too early with these sorts of gifts. She was too little to appreciate them and now she's starting to love them, it's Xmas all over again.

@subparbanmum I just had to Google poo bingo! I think DD would love it. Her favourite book currently is what is poo. I so regret buying it to assist with potty training 😂

OP posts:
craterjill · 27/11/2020 13:46

Doll's house and furniture
Duplo funfair set
Some book sets
Some puzzles
Bucket of animals

MisiSam · 27/11/2020 13:54

Mine is 18 months we have got him.
Hey duggee flash cards.
Mr onion toy in his bumper roller.
A Fisher price sensory robot.
The gruffalo book.
Toot toot tree house with a figure to go with it.
A toy dinosaur.

From other people in the family he is getting.
Happyland farm
Hey duggee bus
Talking hey duggee
Second hand hey duggee house.

He likes hey duggee. Grin

MisiSam · 27/11/2020 13:55

That was supposed to be a list not a huge paragraph, sorry Confused

SubParbanMum · 27/11/2020 13:55

@BoJingle poo is probably the most discussed topic in our house... I feel I may regret buying this!

What does everyone’s kids use their wobbel for? Always tempted but they are £!

YourStarlessEyes · 27/11/2020 14:21

Mine is a similar age and is getting:

Doctor dress up + playset
Road playmat
A bus for her little people
Little people fire engine + recycling truck
Play-doh set + extra accessories
Giant floor puzzles
Toy bunny (it hops)

DivGirl · 27/11/2020 14:58

I am completely stuck for my 2.5 year old. He’s mastered his balance bike, no garden so trampoline is out, he has no great interest in in any character shows. Loves books but I’m already in danger of breaking my floorboards with the sheer amount of books we have. I was planning on getting him a proper bike for his birthday when the weather will be better.

Watching this thread with interest!


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strawbmilk · 27/11/2020 15:15

I got a wobbel board. Hoping I'm not mad but have heard good reports about them

PolarBearStrength · 27/11/2020 15:24

Mine was 2 in September. He’s getting:

‘100 First Words for Little Geniuses’ book
Stackable pegs
Block Buddies

He had a new scooter when his baby sister was born at the beginning of the month and I’m on maternity leave so I‘be capped the budget fairly low. He’ll get loads of presents from relatives anyway.

HarryHarryHarry · 27/11/2020 18:38

Regarding the trampoline, we got one of the small ones with a little handle to hold onto so he can use it indoors.

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