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For baby girls- tights or leggings with feet?

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FoxtrotSkarloey · 30/09/2020 22:57

Hello, just after some advice before parting with money... newborn DD has been given some lovely dresses but as my first girl, I don't really know what to put them with!

Options look like tights or leggings with feet. Are tights a faff? Do the leggings look daft? We've tried socks with dungarees and her feet are still so small they just fall off so normal leggings are not an option yet.

OP posts:
DinosApple · 30/09/2020 23:12

Tights would be my first option. Faff to put on, but they do stay on - handy when it's cold too. Socks either fall off when babies are tiny, or they suddenly find their feet and just pull the socks off.

MinesAPintOfTea · 30/09/2020 23:14

I put tights on my baby boy to manage the sock falling off problem

Alicenwonderland · 30/09/2020 23:24

My daughter always wore dresses and tights as a baby. They aren't much of a faff at all. As she got older it became leggings with dresses as she doesn't like the feel of tights. She looked adorable in tights and dresses.

ittooshallpass · 01/10/2020 00:17

Definitely tights. Baby tights aren't like adult tights at all, they are more like leggings with feet - or at least the ones I bought were! Socks fall off ALL the time, so would go with tights.

Lolalovesmarmite · 01/10/2020 06:18

Leggings with feet. They’re warmer than baby tights.

RosieLemonade · 01/10/2020 06:21

What are leggings with feet?

Northernsoullover · 01/10/2020 06:24

I also put tights on my boys. Their socks always fell off and I found tights were perfect for keep little toes warm.

FoxtrotSkarloey · 01/10/2020 06:27

Well I always thought they were called crawlers or something like that when DS was small enough to wear them but having been searching for them, they now seem to be "leggings with feet". Basically the bottom half of a sleep suit. No idea it they are tight fitting like leggings though.

OP posts:
mamaof2girls · 01/10/2020 06:30

Mum off 2 girls tights every time and even frilly socks on top off the tights when they were to big to stop sagging at the feet! X

Yukka · 01/10/2020 06:36

I would do tights whilst she is small. You need to invest in a few pairs of 'sock ons' they are a genius invention.

TikTakTikTak · 01/10/2020 06:45

Mine wore tights throughout winter, under dresses and even trousers when it was very cold.

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