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Really good bath toy recommendation for 4 and 1 year old

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Peterperfect · 01/02/2020 22:46

We have sticky on letters (which don’t get much use), various boats and windy up things that don’t seem to be very well played with. There’s a couple of ducks and squeezy toys and books that also don’t get much use. what do your DC get most play value out of in the bath? I’m running out of ideas. The most played with items are the plastic jug and cups. I’ve looked online and can’t see anything that looks interesting. Any ideas?


We can see this thread is a little old now, but if you’ve landed here looking for recommendations, we’ve recently updated our best bath toys page with lots of great options as rated by parents and their little ones. We hope you find it useful. Flowers

OP posts:
BlueEyedFloozy · 01/02/2020 22:50

Plastic jug, cups, watering can and a colander are favourites here!

BlueEyedFloozy · 01/02/2020 22:51

Oh and the 6yo bought herself a snorkel set with her Christmas money which she's getting a lot of use of 🤣

Wildorchidz · 01/02/2020 22:52

Google ‘indybest bath toys’

Peterperfect · 01/02/2020 22:54

Thank you. Snorkel set sounds amazing! A real one or a toy one ? 😀.

OP posts:
DisgraceToTheYChromosome · 01/02/2020 22:57

Anything that can throw water to the far wall, which in our bathroom is about 12 feet. I've had to use the squeegee mop on several occasions.

BlueEyedFloozy · 01/02/2020 23:00

Hers is a real one, think it was about £9 from Sports Direct.

Neighneigh · 01/02/2020 23:03


ContinuityError · 01/02/2020 23:04

Stacking cups and a plastic lifeboat from the RNLI shop gave years of entertainment to our two. Plus a cat that was determined she could tiptoe around the edge of the bath (that really was hope over experience).

meow1989 · 01/02/2020 23:05

Ds is 19 months and likes soap foam and bath crayons as well as a little watering can and a shark that you wind up and spin.

HippyChickMama · 01/02/2020 23:14

We had a Tomy Ski Jumping Penguins toy which the dc loved but I'm not sure if you can still get them. Other big hits: bath crayons, bath fishing game with foam fish and a little fishing rod and this Mega Bloks tower thing

AlphaHotelFoxtrot · 01/02/2020 23:19

Empty shampoo bottles, plastic cups and a flannel have been played with more than bath toys. Lush fun too, but it is most fun to use it all, and it gets expensive!

Galaxygirl93 · 01/02/2020 23:19

"Bath Flutes" pick them up on Amazon for £5/£6

Ive recently bought them for my just turning 2 year old and he loves them!

RitaTheBeater · 01/02/2020 23:23

We had ordinary toys in the bath. K-nex etc,

Peterperfect · 01/02/2020 23:25

Thanks everyone. I like the idea of using normal toys like duplo bits and bobs. We have the flutes but they just get silly with them and try blow them into each other’s faces and then end up crying or get over excited with all the tooting 🙄.

The megablox tower looks good.

OP posts:
bringbackspanishflu · 01/02/2020 23:38

Bath crayons!

Spaceman101 · 01/02/2020 23:40

We had an ice ream maker (bubbles). It has cones and a handle you pull to make an ice cream

Peterperfect · 01/02/2020 23:49

spaceman which ice cream maker did you have?

The stick on wall pipes look fab. Will definitely get those. Thank you everyone. These are great,

OP posts:
Stompythedinosaur · 02/02/2020 00:26

My dc get lots of use out of a "potion making kit" which consists of as many small bottles and I could find (mainly travel toiletry containers) plus pipettes, plastic spoons, a small sieve, a funnel and some plastic test tubes from a kid's science kit. I save samples of toiletries for them to mix with water.

DeludedMumofPFB · 02/02/2020 05:54

Fisher price bath toy set with water wheel etc.
A large sand funnel with balance and wheels underneath . (But annoying to balance on the edge of the bath)
The animals from hatching eggs.
Most used are empty shampoo bottles, plastic syringes (calpol) and sponges.

Teddyreddy · 02/02/2020 06:36

We have the stick on bath pipes which DC love. We have one of those bubbling blowing machines in the bathroom so every now and then they can have lots of bubbles. Bath bombs have also been very successful as an occasional treat, as long as your 1 year old won't try to eat them.

cobwebsoncornices · 02/02/2020 07:10

My two have some big plastic bowls, a couple of sieves & colanders, jugs, funnels, spatulas, whisks, silicone muffin trays which seems to have provided endless entertainment especially as I'm generous with the bubble bath.
Your DC2 will be too young for this but they also use the Playmobil. They set the fire station up precariously at one end, have various boats and people in the water with an upside down bowl as an island, various emergency vehicles also around the side and then the helicopter swoops in. Or they get the pirate ship in but that doesn't work as well as it takes up most of the bath and one of the DC always seems to her jabbed by the bowsprit. If you do ever get to the stage where yours have Playmobil
and want it in the bath, don't let them have the little bits as they end up going down the sink and blocking the drain bitter voice of experience

DesLynamsMoustache · 02/02/2020 07:13

Ooh this is a useful thread.

I've just bought bath crayons for DD's first birthday but going to check out some of the other recs. She loves bath time!

bluechameleon · 02/02/2020 07:26

We have suction cups which have waterwheels etc on them. They've been played with nearly every bath time for about 4.5 years. Made by Munchkin.

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