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Spray mop owners!

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Redshoesandtheblues · 13/10/2019 10:38

I'm looking to get one, but would like some recommendations, please?


And apologies for the very boring subject matter. Grin

OP posts:
ChittyChittyBoomBoom · 13/10/2019 11:23

I have the Vileda 1-2-spray moo and it’s grand...does the job!

Likethebattle · 13/10/2019 12:00

I have the vileda one too. I use method floor cleaner that you just spray on the floor and the use water in the mop.

Myusername2015 · 13/10/2019 12:01

I’ve got the koh one. I don’t really have anything to compare it to as I haven’t used a spray mop before but I love it.

Chottie · 13/10/2019 12:02

Vileda 1-2 spray for me too. So quick and easy to use.

Redshoesandtheblues · 13/10/2019 16:33

Ooh, thanks to everyone to replied!

Ive looked up vileda on Amazon, but can't locate the koh one yet.
Will do general search, but Amazon is handy for me delivery wise.

I have big clean acoming, along with a decluttering, so I am trying to be armed with items that will make the job easier.

Any hints or tips or pointers to helpful cleaning threads will be grateful received. Smile

OP posts:
Redshoesandtheblues · 13/10/2019 16:42

Well, damn, nice little offer on a koh bundle, but sold out!!

OP posts:
Redshoesandtheblues · 13/10/2019 21:03

Anyone else with suggestions, please?

OP posts:
Newjobnewstart · 13/10/2019 21:06

I was going to say koh too. It really is an amaxing cleaner!

LlamaofDrama · 13/10/2019 21:29

As Likethe I've got the Vileda and use it with Method. Does a great job, even DD9 likes to clean the floor and that's a bloody miracle. I had a steam mop but then got an Amtico floor and had to wave goodbye to the steam mop. Really, I think the spray one is almost as good, it just doesn't dry instantly.

goingtotown · 13/10/2019 22:30

Bona Spray Mop.

Keeoe · 13/10/2019 23:04

Pssssst, OP. Just a heads up. You can get any spray mop and use Koh in it. It's the same mop. You can get 'em for a tenner on Amazon. I use Koh (got the pack with the 3l cleaner, cloths and diamond scrubbers) and just used it in my existing spray mop.

theconstantinoplegardener · 13/10/2019 23:19

I have a Vileda 1,2 Spray and it's brilliant for quickly wiping away my dog's muddy paw prints, breakfast spillages and general kitchen grime. It's so quick and easy. BUT you will prob still need a cloth/mop and bucket to clean the floor properly once a year week, as you can't really rinse out the pad of the spray mop (although it is removable and washable).

Likethebattle · 14/10/2019 00:01

@theconstatinoplegardener. Iwashthe vile day head after every use. I just chuck into the machine with a capful of zoflora. I hate normal mops, they always smell and are hard to dry. I never use a normal mop but once a month I get in my hands and knees and scrub floor.

Redshoesandtheblues · 14/10/2019 03:12

Why am I so invested in mops? Its sad!!

Is Koh cleaner good? I like the sound of it.
But , yes, calculating the accounts thanks to keeoe, I'm not rushing to buy. Will get calculator out instead. Smile

OP posts:
Keeoe · 14/10/2019 19:57

@Redshoesandtheblues Koh is brilliant. I normally use Method everything but since getting Koh I've not used anything else. It really does clean everything. No, I dont work for them, before anyone asks, but I'm really enthusiastic about products I find that actually do what they say, plus theres the eco-friendliness of it too Smile

Redshoesandtheblues · 15/10/2019 05:34

Great feedback!
Thank you,Keeoe

OP posts:
Redshoesandtheblues · 15/10/2019 05:39

I will sort out in next day or two. Can't leave it much longer.

I have a lot to do!!
I'm not normally such a lazy cow, but circumstances have meant, I need a full deep cleaning approach as well as rearranging furniture.

Oh, the joys!! FML. Wink

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