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Siam park? Worth the money?

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holidayhelp123 · 28/04/2019 20:18

Can anyone who has been before advise? Is it worth the money? Is there a full days worth of rides / slides to be done? What is food and drink prices like? tia

OP posts:
Matilda2013 · 28/04/2019 20:20

Definitely worth the money Smile and if you like it you can get a second day cheaper while you’re there. Can’t remember much about food. The beach is fabulous too.

Desmondo2016 · 28/04/2019 20:20

Can't help with siam but we went to the slightly cheaper aqua park nearby and had an amazing day. I've had friends rave about Siam tho.

JE17 · 28/04/2019 20:21

Definitely worth the money. Slides are excellent, wave pool also great. I have no memory of the food though.

burrito · 28/04/2019 20:22

Definitely worth the money if your group are over 120cm. Get loungers by the beach, there was a lovely mojito cart!
Aqua park is fun but nowhere near as “polished”.

Racheyg · 28/04/2019 20:24

So worth it. I think it was even better than the ones in Florida

RedSkyLastNight · 28/04/2019 20:24

For older DC (mine were 12 and 10 when we went) definitely. Was the highlight of our holiday and DS still talks about it and would love to go back (3 years on). Not sure I'd bother with you get DC. Definitely can spend a full day there, in fact get there before it opens so you can do a couple of slides before it gets busy.

Awks · 28/04/2019 20:27

Came back yesterday and went twice. It's a great day out - maybe not for really young kids but for the rest of us it's brilliant. Fabulous rides - they don't advertise but for 15 euro you can buy a fast pass wristband if it's really busy or you hate queuing. Definitely worth a visit

Aimily · 28/04/2019 20:29

Definitely worth it!!!
Had an amazing time there with my cousin and a couple of friends. We spent the whole day there and it was brilliant the 4 of us were between 18 and 23 at the time. Would definitely recommend it and the animal twin park. Definitely get beach side loungers.
We took a picnic with us so can't say much on the food...

Awks · 28/04/2019 20:29

Food and drink prob on the cheaper side if Uk theme parks but good quality. You're not supposed to take your own but no one checked us.

holidayhelp123 · 28/04/2019 20:31

Sounds great so far with positive responses, we do have 2 toddlers though, do they have things for toddlers in the park?

OP posts:
wheresmyhairytoe · 28/04/2019 20:32

Doesn't the animal park have Killer whales?

Sleephead1 · 28/04/2019 20:32

yeah it's amazing we went as a couple I would say if you have children would depend on their age and if they like rides = can swim ect I wouldn't take very young children to be honest

Awks · 28/04/2019 20:47

Hmmm the rides are geared towards the older kids. Toddlers might not be best catered for, I think aqua land might be better for toddlers?

ReginaGeorgeous · 28/04/2019 21:01

It's fab. I took my daughter when she was 2.5 and she had a wonderful day, we found quite a few slides that she could go on and she really liked the beach area with the wave machine.
We bought food inside the park and found it reasonably priced (for those sort of places). There was a meal deal where you could get either a footlong hotdog or a baguette and regular soft drink for €5, this was September 2017.

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