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What to buy for someone who's always cold

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cantsleepwithnofan · 04/10/2018 13:45

I've been thinking of warm cardis or scarves, ugg boots...and running out of ideas. My ideas seem boring. It has to be something I can mail, and it's for an older male.

Any ideas?

OP posts:
Balloondog · 04/10/2018 13:46

A hot water bottle!

foxyfemke · 04/10/2018 13:46

Tell them to get their thyroid checked!

DittoNut · 04/10/2018 13:50

Im always cold in the house. My favourite things to have to hand are a warm drink, proper cozy socks and some sort of soft, microwavable heaty thing (I have a colourful cuddly dragon). I also often wear a scarf indoors, maybe a snood or something multi-purpose would fit the bill?

Appreciate this isnt much different to what youve suggested, but honestly some good quality, long lasting cozy comforts make a nice gift at this time of year.

IHeartKingThistle · 04/10/2018 13:51

One of those super long hot water bottles?

NorthernRunner · 04/10/2018 13:55

Uniqlo heat tech layers!!

Mosaic123 · 04/10/2018 13:56

One of those blankets with sleeves?

mydogishot · 04/10/2018 13:57

Heated blanket for sofa.
Cashmere socks or cardigan.
Fingerless gloves.
One of those long, thin hot water bottles.

TheBitterBoy · 04/10/2018 13:58

How about a plug in blanket? For example Aldi

jj21 · 04/10/2018 13:59
MaMisled · 04/10/2018 14:07

I bought some usb rechargeable heated pebbles for holding in your hands. They look nice and warm up quickly and retain heat for hours. I got them from ebay. Search USB rechargeable hand warmers.

LaDameAuxLicornes · 04/10/2018 14:13

Cashmere socks. Not cheap, but luxury and very warm.

PerkingFaintly · 04/10/2018 14:28

jj21, that hot water bottle cover with foot hood looks amazing.

I've been singing the praises of microwaveable slippers, but that may rival them...

Dontfuckingsaycheese · 04/10/2018 14:35


Knew Id seen them lately! I bet they're lovely. Me and ds always snuggle up on huge blankets in lounge but I think they're warm enough before taking it that high a level! Ds did say how amazing they'd be for camping though!

Rainbowtrain · 04/10/2018 15:08

I have a Zippo handwarmer device which is very good
Look it up Smile

Rainbowtrain · 04/10/2018 15:09

This kind

What to buy for someone who's always cold
Rainbowtrain · 04/10/2018 15:10

But if mailing he will beed to buy his own gas so not great as present

Ohyesiam · 04/10/2018 15:10

A Japanese kidney warmer. Basically it’s knitwear for your midrif. Really works.

longtompot · 04/10/2018 15:15

My dd has been reccomended silver socks to wear along with normal ones. Apparently skiers wear them and they help keep extremities warm. She's not got them yet, so no idea if it works but I have a feeling they would.

Thesearmsofmine · 04/10/2018 15:21

A slanket!

Iolaus84 · 04/10/2018 15:42

Camping slippers (lot warmer than regular slippers)

UpstartCrow · 04/10/2018 15:46

A fleece blanket to sit on. Saves wasting body heat warming up his chair.

Darkestnight · 04/10/2018 15:51

As someone who is always cold a blanket is my best friend. Yes I've had a full medical done and perfectly healthy

liquidrevolution · 04/10/2018 15:51

The christmas bargains thread had a link to cashmere fingerless gloves which were lovely.

DaveMinion · 04/10/2018 15:54

I got a heated blanket for Christmas last year. Me and the cat love it. Both curled up with it now in fact.

Thyroid is fine thanks. Well borderline hyperthyroid in fact. Figure that one out!

LaGruffaloGrumble · 04/10/2018 15:56

What Liquid said. I ended up buying two pairs one in a lucky dip colour (£10 off) for my SIL and when they arrived and I saw how amazing they were a purple pair for me. They’re just wonderful.

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