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Where do you buy your curtains from?

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PlaymobilPirate · 17/08/2018 20:28

I'm after some long, thick, plain mustard curtains for my lounge but can't find any I like!!

OP posts:
dontcallmelen · 17/08/2018 20:30

Ikea had some a few months ago, my dd was looking for mustard curtains she got some from JL but they had a slight pattern on, also maybe next or dunelm.

cloudtree · 17/08/2018 20:33

ikea, dunelm, laura ashley, john lewis

Gorbie · 17/08/2018 20:33

ALL our curtains in our house are from Dunelm x

RapunzelsRealMom · 17/08/2018 20:34

I make mine. I know it's not for everyone but it's actually really simple if all you're looking for is basic curtains.

There will be thousands of YouTube tutorials on it I bet!

I always use more fabric than recommended as I like a luxurious generous feel to my curtains and always line them (lining is cheap so not a massive impact on the cost).

My living room curtains would have cost around £1500 and I made them for less than £400

rainbowfudgee · 17/08/2018 20:34

Next do fab curtains. Mustard is quite autumnal so you might find some...John Lewis do made to measure in your fabric choice but they are £££. Having said that, we paid for a local blinds/curtains company to measure our lounge window, bring swatches so easy could choose fabric then fit a curved curtain track (odd shaped window) and fit the curtains. It was £600 but I'd just had a baby and needed the easiest option!

RiverTam · 17/08/2018 20:35

John Lewis

rainbowfudgee · 17/08/2018 20:35

Also my mum has made 3 pairs of curtains in my house. I bought the fabric from Laura Ashley and measured up and she made them. I couldn't do it though.

calilark · 17/08/2018 20:37

Next, in the sale. And I always buy extra wide even though we only need standard, means lots of lovely thick drapey fabric which looks & feels very decadent (as decadent as curtains can be, anyway...)

CherryPavlova · 17/08/2018 20:38

I either make my own or use a local company.

Processedpea · 17/08/2018 20:38

B and q lined long really good value

Whatsnewwithyou · 17/08/2018 20:41

I would love to make my own curtains but it looks so difficult. I've just googled to find a tutorial - this one has 47 complicated-looking steps and step 47 is "now repeat for the other curtain." I don't think so!!!!

I buy most of mine from Amazon.

Whatsnewwithyou · 17/08/2018 20:41
Coco2891 · 17/08/2018 20:47

Check eBay !

Coco2891 · 17/08/2018 20:48

I got some navy blue velvet lined curtains for £8 at a car boot 🤭

chequeplease · 17/08/2018 20:50

Next! I have some lovely mustard curtains from here. They're not plain as have white flowers on, but they're always well complimented.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat · 17/08/2018 20:50

Next ones a very good quality.

Ikea are a bit thin and cheap looking.

BarryTheKestrel · 17/08/2018 20:54

Recently bought some Deconovo curtains from Amazon. Blackout, thermal lined, soft, thick, brilliant quality and amazingly cheap!

They do them in a variety of lengths and colours. Definitely worth a look.

Floralnomad · 17/08/2018 20:54

We bought some for dds bedroom earlier in the week from Julian Charles , they have a sale on at the moment . Next had some nice ones but they were not in the colour we wanted .

thousandpapercranes · 17/08/2018 20:56

Natural curtain company. You can buy ready made. Or they do custom. And it’s one of the few places I’ve found that stock extra long lengths and widths if you’ve got unusual sized windows.

PlaymobilPirate · 17/08/2018 21:52

Wow - i wasn't expecting so many replies. Off for a browse! Thanks all!

OP posts:
Shadowboy · 17/08/2018 21:55

All of our curtains are from Laura Ashley. Either made my them or purchased by the metre and made by a local curtain & blind maker in the village.

butlerswharf · 17/08/2018 22:20

M&S and Dunelm

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