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30 September

Lakeland Heated Airer

heated airer

Price: from £76.99, Lakeland

Mumsnetters say: "It is amazing! Cheap to run, and mine takes two loads of washing and dries them overnight. I bought the biggest one - best thing I have ever done." Allgunsblazing

"They're awesome! They do take up a fair bit of space, but that's the only downside I've found." fastdaytears

"I absolutely love mine. Don't have the space for a tumble dryer so bought one when I was pregnant, and it's saved so much time - especially at the moment where washing won't dry outside any longer and it's a bit too warm to have the radiators on. It's worth every penny." Damnfinecoffee

Woolovers cashmere & merino knitwear

merino wool cashmere knitwear

Price: from £29.50, Woolovers

Mumsnetters say: "I got some sweater dresses last year and they're fab. Nice fit, and the cashmere/merino is really warm and cosy."

"Woolovers has so many different styles and colours - the cashmere and merino range is lovely." ThomasSofty

"Woolovers is great: good materials, and made in the UK." Strawberryfield12

Givenchy Ysatis Eau de Toilette

Ysatis perfume

Price: from £24.99, Boots

Mumsnetters say: "After not even smelling, let alone wearing, Ysatis for about 30 years, I blagged a cheapo vintage bottle - and it's bloody lovely. If I had to choose one perfume to keep forever, it would be this." ThenLaterWhenItGotDark

"My old boss wore Ysatis, and it makes me think of her. She was a difficult, temperamental woman but she smelled amazing!" SirVixofVixHall

"I'm another heavy perfume fan, and like old classics rather than newer scents. I love Ysatis." DrankSangriaInThePark

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23 September

Benefit Brow Zings

Price: £24.50, lookfantastic

MNers say: "Brow Zings is amazing - stays on all day and looks really natural." GeneandFred

"I'm useless at doing brows but even I can do them with this. I never have to top it up either as it lasts all day - cannot recommend it enough." Getuhda348

"I use Brow Zings and like it. It's more expensive than Sleek, but it lasts ages." missmartha

Regatta waterproof kid's jacket

Price: from £12.99, Amazon and Go Outdoors

MNers say: â€œInexpensive, waterproof, fleece-lined and washable. Covers the bum but not so long as to impede tree climbing.†Momb

“We bought this for four-year-old DD last year and it's lovely. The colour is quite a dark fuschia and comes to just above the knee.†DeathMetalMum

“I bought my two these coats - they're really warm, the hood actually fits snuggly around their heads and they are bum covering.†Bobkate

Coco Chanel perfume

Price: from £49, Boots

MNers say: "I'm not familiar with too many perfumes but this is an enduring, sophisticated classic." SwedishEdith

"Coco Chanel is beautiful and definitely evening only - I feel so sexy when I wear it." TopsyRose

"Coco is sultry and spicy. I've always worn it since I was 18 - my signature scent." Blodss

16 September

H&M striped cotton top

Price: £14.99, H&M

MNers say: "I got one today. It's fab and feels like it's really good quality." Almahart

"I do like a striped top - this is a good'un." Fabellini

"It's a smasher." BrendaandEddie

Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age Advanced Serum

Price: £30, Boots

MNers say: "I bought the Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age Serum from Boots yesterday, and noticed the effect after the first use. My skin is plumper and fresher looking - yay!" sonata1

"It seems to add a bit of freshness." Kundry

"Hylamide is just a hydrating serum. Whack it onto clean skin, morning and night, and then put moisturiser over the top. I find it plumps my skin nicely. I like it enough to repurchase, despite the price." FreeButtonBee

Sketchers memory foam trainers

Price: from £44.99, Schuh

MNers say: "I recently bought a pair of these for holiday - they're slip-ons with elasticated laces. They're uber comfy thanks to the memory foam and very light." Rohey

"I love my memory foam Sketchers." Princess9287

"I lived in my Sketchers this 'summer'. They have ruined me for all other shoes - they're far too comfortable!" CoconutAmericano

9 September

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail top coat

Price: £5.45, Superdrug

MNers say: "I use Sally Hansen Insta-Dri which is fab." Hoviscats

"This makes even the cheapest polishes last a week on your hands and a month on your toes." Sansarya

"I second the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat - otherwise you're waiting around for ages." Annarose2014

Contigo water bottles

Price: £10.62, Amazon

MNers say: "These don't leak after a year of using them (and pretty roughly). They're quite expensive but I've found it's worth it." DeeWe

"I work at summer camps in the USA and came across Contigo water bottles there. It's an added bonus that they can go in the dishwasher!" Zodlebud

"These are brilliant - we went through dozens of water bottles before finding them!" greensleeves1

Merrell Decora boots

Price: from £74.99, Amazon

MNers say: "Merrell Decora Chants - can't beat them." BumWad

"I have Merrell Decora Sonatas, which are like the Chants, but lace-up. They are sooo warm and comfy, and look good with skinny jeans and with skirts/tights." BoskyCat

"I love my Merrells. They're waterproof and warm and have lasted two winters thus far being worn every day." UterusUterusGhali

2 September: What to buy for teens heading off to uni

George Foreman Grill

Price: £25, Asda

MNers say: "My daughter uses it loads and it means she bothers to eat chicken or fish." Didntseethiscominghelpplease

"I imagine a lot of students these days like a George Foreman grilling machine." TiedUpWithString

"A George Foreman Grill makes incredible and very fast toasted sandwiches." IthoughtATMwasacashpoint

Basic first aid kit

Price: £10.99, Amazon

MNers say: "Of course you can buy things when you get there, but I would say a basic first aid kit and a few basic medicines are useful, as they can be needed at short notice." bumblingbovine49

"Savlon, plasters, paracetamol etc - these were the most used (and borrowed) items of my student days!" nooonit

"Get them a good first aid kit. My mum put a get well soon card in mine that said 'only open if you feel poorly'. I still have it in my first aid box 10 years later and have a little peek if I feel unwell." LilyMyOneAndOnly

Door wedge

Price: from £3.80, Amazon

MNers say: "A door wedge - prop your door open to make friends." BackforGood

"Most doors [in student halls] are self-closing, so they can feel a bit isolated in the first few days. Having the door propped open means they can feel more involved." Trumpton

"Yes, yes to door wedge." weshallneversurrender

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