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27 May 2015

Mizon All-in-one Snail/Returning Starfish cream

snail cream 

Price: from £34.98, Amazon Snail cream | Starfish cream

MNers say: "I love Mizon Returning Starfish Cream and Mizon All in One Snail Cream - they work really, really well for me. Better than any other moisturisers I've tried." TheWombat


"I love Korean skincare. I am addicted to it! My teenage son loves the Mizon Snail Cream - since he has started using it his acne has really cleared up." rubyshoes3

"If you want better hydrated skin, the Snail Cream, Starfish Cream and sleeping masks are all really nice." FrugalFashionista



Tyrell's Sweet & Salty Popcorn

 tyrell's popcorn

Price: £1.59, Waitrose

MNers say: "Discovered this three days ago and I have a serious addiction. It's a taste sensation! I'm not even that fussed about popcorn but this stuff is the food of the Gods." Blueberrymuffint0p


"I've stopped buying it as I have absolutely no self-control as soon as I taste the first morsel. I become a deranged devourer, cramming it in with both hands and howling at the moon." Armi

"I am addicted! It's like the taste I've been waiting for all my life, to satisfy all my cravings in one delicious go!" Jacksterbear


Phillips Lumea Hair Removal System

phillips lumea hair removal 

Price: from £200, Amazon

MNers say: "I bought the Lumia after seeing it recommended on here. I've used it around five times and can see a huge difference. Before I would have to shave every day, now I can leave it for more than a week." DreamingOfTheBeach

"It works really well and I don't get any ingrown hairs." GrrrrrBear

"After a few months my legs, underarms and bikini line are all doing really well. After a few goes, the hair growth had slowed right down." JenniMoo


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20 May 2015

Jo Malone Lime, Basil, and Mandarin


Price: from £40, John Lewis

MNers say: "It's gorgeous and my absolute favourite." PunkrockerGirl

"It is lovely." Tizwailor

"I love Jo Malone. Lime, Basil and Mandarin is nice. Some people complain it doesn't last - but I work in a shop and I'm on the move all day and can still smell it when I finish my shift." sherbetlemonD


Ultrasun Sun Lotion


Price: from £12.95, AllBeauty

MNers say: "I rate Ultrasun. It's pricey, but you only put it on once a day and none of us have ever been burned." reup

"Another vote for Ultrasun. I use the Sports 20 for myself. It has a liquid gel texture, not greasy - sinks straight in. I use the Family 30 for the kids. That's a thicker white cream, but it sinks straight in. I wouldn't use anything else now." lizandlulu

"Ultrasun is fantastic stuff." blondepip


Waitrose frozen risotto


Price: £4.49, Waitrose

MNers say: "Their pea and asparagus risotto is a bloody cheap, quick, filling meal with a bag of prawns chucked in at the last minute." Madamecastafiore

"Agree - the frozen risotto bag is good." YonicScrewdriver

"Definitely the frozen risotto - it's lovely." 14575


13 May 2015

Hush harem trousers


Price: from £35, Hush

MNers say: "They're so utterly fab! I have two pairs." Laska42

"I have Hush harems in all three colours - I love them so much!" PrimroseVilliers

"I wore Hush harem pants after having DD. They're smart, stretchy and very, very comfortable." Madamecastafiore

Plus, get exclusive free delivery with the code MUMFREE15


L'Oreal Elvive Men's anti-dandruff shampoo


Price: £3.99, Boots

MNers say: "It's amazing stuff - it changed my life with one wash. It takes literally all the dandruff away." Ohanarama

"I had dandruff for years and tried loads of shampoos - even stuff the doctor prescribed didn't work. I saw this L'Oréal stuff mentioned on Mumsnet a few times so went for it. Since I've gotten over buying a men's shampoo, I'm flake free!" rubadubba

"It's just amazing!" TheHoundsBitch


Waitrose Ginger & Clementine body wash


Price: £1.03, Waitrose

MNers say: "Yum yum yum and very reasonably priced." starkadder

"Couldn't agree more, the ginger and clementine stuff is great!" YonicScrewdriver

"'It's amazing and very cheap." Egghead68 


6 May 2015

MUA Bronzer


Price: from £1, Superdrug

MNers say: "I use the MUA Mosaic bronzer which is about £2.50 and comes in three different colours. I'm super pale so usually struggle with bronzer but I LOVE this stuff!" xxthedutchessxx

"I have this bronzer and really like it." blondiep14

"I really like MUA products - the bronzer, blushers and lipsticks are great." Mamabird3


Waitrose Sweet & Spicy peach chutney


Price: £1.59, Waitrose

MNers say: "OMG they have peach chutney in again! I used to get it nearly 20 years ago when my mum lived close to Waitrose - then they stopped stocking it, and after a few years I gave up. I've been wanting that stuff for years!" Jux

"It's so good in a sandwich with nice cheese and ham." cookiefiend

"Another vote for the spicy peach chutney." Southeastdweller 


Schwartzkopf Got2B volumising powder


Price: £4.05, Superdrug

MNers say: "Schwarzkopf volumising powder - you only need a tiny amount but can use more if you want a huge amount of lift. I sprinkle it on the roots then massage it in." DownWithThisTypeOfThing

"I have the Got2B powder. It's very good." nothingoriginal

"It's only my second day using it but it's brilliant so far. Nothing like dry shampoo as you don't seem to get that nasty build up on your scalp." Pantsalive




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