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24 June 2015

Birkenstock sandals

Price: from £22.95, Office

MNers say: "I'm addicted to Birkenstocks. My personal favourite styles are Gizeh (the toe post doesn't rub, honestly) and Mayari." gerbiltamer

"I love the Gizeh style, I could literally walk miles in them." Nicknamegrief

"Just bought a pair of Mayaris in silver. Love them." Schoolaroundthecorner


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo

Price: from £1.99, Amazon

MNers say: "My house is still organised four months after reading this. I reduced my wardrobe by 50% and the under-stairs rubbish by 50%. I recommend it!" chumbler

"I love the insight it gives me when looking at things. We must have got rid of at least 40% of our junk." Yorkshiremummyof4

"Worked for me too - I did it last autumn and the house still looks good, which is a miracle with a four-year-old around." JamHoneyMarmite 


Nip + Fab pads

Price: from £4.97, Boots

MNers say: "These are great. I've been using them after following recommendations on Mumsnet and they've definitely brightened up my skin." getinthesea

"I use the Nip + Fab glycolic acid pads and really love them. A couple of times per week is enough to make a difference." FrugalFashionista

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"Nip + Fab is a fave of mine, especially their glycolic acid pads. They made my skin really clear and evened out the tone." piercedprincess


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17 June 2015

What's more satisfying than getting rid of a stubborn spot? Mumsnetters have found a miracle beauty cheat involving plasters...


Savlon hydrocolloid dressings

Price: £4.40, Echemist

What's to love: An unexpected miracle cure for cyst-like spots, these plasters work overnight to draw out the contents of a spot, meaning quicker healing time. Just try not to squeeze it!

MNers say: "I cover cyst spots with a Savlon hydrocolloid plaster before bed. In the morning, they're no longer painful, and the plaster draws out all the pus! Works perfectly every time." ClareAbshire

"This works on spots! It's brilliant." Zorion

"I had a huge spot eruption and it's dealt with them overnight. The goo on the plaster is most satisfying." GaryBaldy


Boden Lille Lace-up Points 

Price: £89, Boden

What's to love: Comfortable, stylish and versatile enough to wear with jeans or to a wedding, Boden have created a firm favourite with these lace-up pumps.

MNers say: "They're lovely and comfortable, even with my wide feet!" BritabroadinAsia

"I love them, they're so pretty! I dithered about the navy ones, but I went for silver in the end." Fabellini

"I just wore mine to a wedding with a tulle skirt and got many compliments. I love them!" SilverNightFairy


Superdrug Naturally Radiant hot cloth cleanser

Price: £3.99, Superdrug

What's to love: It's an inxpensive alternative to high-end hot cloth cleansers that works just as well as its pricier counterparts.

MNers say: "The Superdrug hot cloth cleanser is just as good as Liz Earle." SugarplumKate

"I second this - I love Superdrug's Naturally Radiant hot cloth cleanser." Bunbaker

"Superdrug's hot cloth cleanser is the best ever. I use it with my child's old muslins and my skin feels the best it's ever felt. I cannot recommend this product enough!" PamDooveOrangeJoof


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10 June 2015

Determined not to resort to socks or soap on a rope for Father's Day this year? Here are some gifts you mightn't have thought of, courtesy of the Mumsnet Talk boards.

Fortnum & Mason gifts


Price: from £5.25, Fortnum & Mason

What's to love: Rustic hampers and tasty treats will delight any dad's stomach.

MNers say: "A little tube of nice biscuits, in F&M packaging - not a lavish gift, but still a treat. And I can shop from the comfort of my computer!" SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius

"Have you never seen a Fortnum & Mason hamper? Their stuff is gorgeous!" MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig

"Such a nice, old-fashioned shop, and the chocolate macadamia biscuits are lovely." meglet


Game of Thrones box set (seasons 1-4)


Price: £54.90, Amazon

What's to love: Medieval tyranny, intrigue and dragons? What's NOT to love?

MNers say: "DP and I love watching Game of Thrones together." Iwasbornin1993

"I love watching box sets with my husband once the kids are in bed. We really enjoyed Game of Thrones." excited99

"We loved Game of Thrones - we've caught up now, and I'm gutted there's only one episode a week!" dollydaydreams10


Circulon saucepans


Price: from £25, Amazon

What's to love: Mumsnetters are marvelling at the longevity of Circulon kitchenware - if the man in your life is a budding chef, this is a quality, hardwearing gesture.

MNers say: "I got some when I got married 14 years ago and they're still going strong. I cook a lot too." SavoyCabbage

"Ours are eight years old and still like new. We got a set of five for £99 from Amazon - I don't think you can get better value." magicstar1

"We love ours! Had them for six years so far and they're still going." FlossieTreadlight

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3 June 2015

This week, you've been bronzing your bods, boosting your brows and curing your cuticles. You ravishing bunch, you.

St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower lotion

st tropez in shower lotion tan 

Price: £14.50, Boots

What's to love: You can tan in half the time with St Tropez's genius new in-shower lotion. Despite only launching a matter of days ago, it's already had our Style and Beauty boards buzzing.

MNers say: "This is doing a great job of maintaining my natural holiday tan - it's fab. It's a gradual tanner, so great for the pale among us." AmethystMoon

"I've used it four times now and I love it. It gives you a lovely warm glow." snowplop

"I'm on day four and I look like I've just come back from a holiday. It's a nice subtle glow that doesn't look fake at all. I'm very impressed." patterkiller


Benefit Gimme Brow gel

benefit gimme brow gel 

Price: £16.65, John Lewis

What's to love: More staying power than a pencil, and there are extra volumising ingredients for the finer-browed among us. 

MNers say: "I LOVE Benefit Gimme Brow!" Cheesymonster 

"Benefit Gimme Brow is the best brow gel I've tried - by a long way. Definitely worth the price." Thisishowyoudisappear

"Gimme Brow is so easy to use. I 'm going to invest in another shade for when I have a tan." Heyheyheygoodbye


Flexitol Cuticle Cream

flexitol cuticles 

Price: £5.10, Amazon

What's to love: Rid yourself of overgrown cuticles - and eliminate the urge to pick at them - with this cream that actually works.

MNers say: "Flexitol cuticle cream is amazeballs." carrie74 

"Flexitol Cuticle and Nail Cream is a great product." Thisishowyoudisappear

"Use Flexitol for a month and your cuticles will actually look like the picture on the box!" 101handbags


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